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CE Council
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Lone Star System Office, Room 116
Meeting Notes
Members:  Abdul Tamimi/Janet Taber (CF), Robin Garrett (K), Jimmy Adams/Christina Hinkson (NH), Katherine Miller (T), Interim AVC Workforce: Linda Head Regular Guests: Susanne Thaler October Guests: Megan Costanza, Danny Osburn, Pat McDougall, Jed Young, Siobhan Fleming, Diane Novak, Ben Neal
  Agenda Item Action Items
  Call to Order 
  Regular Business/Old Business: 
  Approval of Meeting Notes: September, 2008
Council discussed homeschooling initiative and how to proceed (perhaps as youth programs). Linda will schedule a meeting with Linda Luehrs-Wolfe to coordinate efforts and develop further information as to who should be invited to the November meeting.
Corporate College Update:
• Launch: November 3
Dr. Carpenter will host event, and invitations should be mailed by Wednesday.
• All employees will receive an internal communication with Corporate College overview from Rand Key.
• Staffing:
Susanne clarified reporting structure and roles/responsibilities as well as expectations for CE staff at colleges keeping in mind that this is a collaborative effort. College contacts to coordinate efforts were named as follows: Denise McCurdy (Tomball), Kathleen Quayle (Kingwood), Barbara Lord (Montgomery), Kata Fountain (CyFair) and Sarah Behring (North Harris).
• Budget
College corporate training budgets will be transferred to Corporate College.
• Certificates
Certificates will mirror those for workforce.
 • Other
Susanne distributed October implementation report and noted that most of the training was being conducted at the client's location. Susanne will forward organizational chart indicating industry segments.
Susanne will develop written protocol.

  New System Website Update
• Robin gave a brief overview of the new website and asked council for input as to design and navigation.
• Robin has requested new survey using different demographics.
• Ben Leal (Montgomery will be assisting with the CE website in the future. Robin Garrett will invite John King and Jen Murillo to attend the next meeting with at least 45 minutes dedicated to this discussion.

  New Program Development
• Linda introduced Megan Costanza, new program manager for workforce development. Linda noted that the funding requests had been sent to the presidents. 
  CE Forms Update- CE Workgroup
• Transcript
Linda has been working with Roz Moidel, and the final version is in progress.  The transcripts will be red for CE and blue for credit.
• Class Roster
Kathy Bible is chair and stated that mock-up had been submitted to council for approval.  Council asked for resubmission of form as vetted by workgroup.
• Course/instructor evaluation
Since Mike Green's departure, the use of the scanners has been in limbo and has not been supported by OTS. Linda Luehrs-Wolfe is also researching. Question was posed as to using another tool such as Survey Monkey in the interim.  
Christina will contact Kathy for resubmission in November.
Linda will contact Shah and Linda Luehrs-Wolfe for further clarification as to commitment and process for credit side.

(10:30) CE Spring 2009 Schedule, update:
• Schedule Marketing Committee
• o Cover, ads and design layout
• Schedule Content Committee
• o Timeline
• o Issues
• o Policy List 
Steve Lestarjette/Jed Young
Pat McDougall
  New Business 
1 Teacher Certification
The model was developed at Kingwood about seven years ago.  Since then, it has replicated with modifications at other colleges and lacks consistency.   Dell Burditt/Susan Bedwell will create summary document with estimates for budget, instructional pay, mileage, etc. as well as rationale to submit to the council in November.
Linda will schedule a system-wide meeting on November 11 for teacher certification representatives.
  Data Needs  (Tabled) Siobhan Fleming
  CE Payment Plans (Tabled) Diane Novak
4 State Reporting:
• Field for ALL and adult leisure grades - (delete it)- For vote item (Tabled) Linda Head
  Confirm Next Meeting Date/Time Place November 4, Noon-4:00, room 112 Training and Development Center.