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Student Spotlight

Candelario “Kane” Leal, one of three Student Library Research Award winners, said he used the library’s databases to start his research on his second-place project “Genius, Madness and Shamanism and the Upper Paleolithic Revolution” for Professor Matt Backer’s ARTS 1303 class.

“Once I realized I would need more exhaustive research than the articles online, I used the online library catalog search to find the books I needed and requested that they be pulled,” he said. “This made my trip to the library extremely efficient.”

Having become deeply intrigued with his topic and finding so much information he’d need to arrange in a concise form led to concerns of doing the topic justice in the pages and the time allotted, he said; however, the challenge was exciting and he learned a great deal from the experience.

“This award tells me that I at least was able to explore it sufficiently to engage my professor who nominated me and the library staff who chose my paper for second place,” said Leal, who plans to pursue a chemistry degree and possibly teach. “It is quite gratifying and has reinforced my confidence that college was the right choice at this time in my life.”