Lone Star College System departmental challenge exams are developed and approved by Lone Star College System curriculum teams and administered by the colleges’ assessment centers or by the department. The same challenge exam is used at all Lone Star College System colleges. The curriculum team determines which courses can be challenged, the minimum passing score, and the exit competencies which are based on the learning outcomes for the course.

Credit awarded by Lone Star College System through departmental challenge exams applies to its programs of study. The student should also consult with a faculty advisor or counselor to ensure that the course complements his/her degree plan.

Students should consult with a faculty advisor to discuss course content, outcomes and feasibility of taking a course challenge exam. After completing the form with an advisor and paying the challenge exam fee in the business office, the student takes the ”PLA by Examination" form and paid receipt for the challenge exam to the division office or to the designated assessment center at the college offering the course to make an appointment to take the appropriate exam. A challenge exam may not be taken more than one time.

Internal Challenge Exams Courses

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