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Continuing Education
Computer Information Technology & Business Program Managers
Members:  Robin Garrett (KW), Craig Coleman (NH), Frances Andrews (KW), Patty Harakal (MC), Donna Daughdrill (TC), Chairidee Smith (CF), Janet Taber (CF), David Boden (MC-Conroe)
January 11, 2008 1:30 - Parkway Center
Attendees - Robin Garrett (KW), Craig Coleman (NH), Patty Harakal (MC), Chairidee Smith (CF)
  Agenda Item / Discussion
1.  Ed2Go Pricing - update work ok?? Two classes were not updated at Montgomery so we all need to double check the update that Ed2Go processed.

2.  Rider 50 Class Exceptions??? We would like to include courses that use software in which the version changes frequently.  It is very possible that a student could take a Word Processing Course several times to maintain their skills as the versions change.  This is the same for any of the office skills, graphics, web design, accounting, drafting, etc. courses. If CE Council requests a list, we will go through the WECM inventory and list the courses that this could apply to.

3.  SOQ for Youth Classes??? Not sure. CyFair does though.

4. CIF - How's it working for you? Still some frustrations with the Tech fee not calculating. Also, the time it takes to get the course number is still an issue.  We understand that Pat works part-time and do not blame her at all, but the process needs to speed up. 
Getting the course number when it is assigned has been very beneficial, thank you.

5.  Old Courses Robin will set up a work day for this group to go through our course database and archive old courses we no longer use.

6.  CE FAQ 
  Patty, Chairidee and Craig will get back with me by January 18

7.  New Courses/Programs Entrepreneur Courses & Non-profit  Management (Fall 08), Basic Supervision  at Montgomery, Project Management - CyFair,
Kingwood - Inventor

8.  Other Items Craig concerned that we may begin to see a drop in Real Estate Course enrollments as the housing market slows down in the US.
Chairidee asked about Marketing efforts.  Most are on hold until new logo and such is revealed
David Boden is Retiring

9.  Meeting Schedule Mondays are not good. Change to Friday.
Afternoon is good for most, Morning good for Patty.  Robin will work out a better meeting scheduled than originally planned.