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Continuing Education
Computer Information Technology & Business Program Managers
Members:  Robin Garrett (KW), Craig Coleman (NH), Frances Andrews (KW), Patty Harakal (MC), Donna Daughdrill (TC), Chairidee Smith (CF), Janet Taber (CF), Denny Dobson (FB)
March 10, 2008 1:30 - Greenspoint Center
Attendees - Robin Garrett (KW), Craig Coleman (NH), Patty Harakal (MC), Frances Andrews (KW), Bob Floyd (KW)
The purpose of this meeting was to follow up on the work completed during the Feb 29, 2008 workday that Robin Garrett, Craig Coleman, Chairidee Smith and Bob Floyd attended.  At that workday, the current course list was reviewed and recommendations for courses to be archived were listed. Assignments were also made and a follow-up email was sent to participants  to review the Administrative Assistant (Frances Andrews, Patty Harakal, Donna Daughdrill), Computer Literacy (Craig Coleman & Bob Floyd), Accounting (Chairidee Smith, Frances Andrews & Donna Daughdrill) & AutoCAD (Robin Garrett, Patty Harakal, Janet Taber) Certificates.
  Agenda Item /  Discussion
1.Review issues not resolved at workday Reviewed courses that were left with issues.
2.Rider 50 Class Exceptions??? Listed courses we would like to see on the exemption list.
3. Administrative Asst Certificate  No report from assigned group
4. AutoCAD Patty, Robin, & Janet communicated issues and recommendations via email.  Decision - Two levels:
Level 1:
AutoCAD Intro 
AutoCAD Intermediate
AutoCAD Advanced
Level 2:
AutoCAD, Solid Modeling/Design
AutoCAD, Solid Modeling/Design Advanced
5. Computer Literacy Craig and Bob presented the various Computer Literacy Certificates. Craig recommended removing Intro to the Internet because the class very rarely makes. Although Montgomery does not offer one, they use Computer Fundamentals (a combined the Intro to Computers Class and Windows Class)  to accommodate the change in the Administrative Asst Certificate.  Tomball, CyFair, and North Harris still offer the two separate Intro to Computers and Windows.  Craig was willing to change to the combined class.  We did not have representation from CyFair or Tomball, however.
Patty raised the question about the validity of the Computer Literacy Certificate. What job can they get after completion?  We all agreed there isn't a specific job for these completers and the individual course certificates would be just as important to a potential employer.
Recommendation - Remove the Computer Literacy Certificate
6. Accounting  No report from assigned group.
CyFair & North Harris- not currently offering
Tomball, Kingwood & Montgomery do with variations.  Tomball does not include Excel 1 & 2. 
Patty, Craig, Robin & Bob felt Excel is a very important part of accounting and it should be included.
Computer Fundamentals
Excel 1 & 2
Office Accounting 1 & 2
QuickBooks 1 & 2
7. Robin Robin will not be chairing this group while she is filling in for Terry Sawma.