Information Technology

Computer Applications

LSCS offers several credit and non-credit certificates in the understanding and mastery of certain software applications. Each of the program offerings covers different types of software applications and may or may not overlap.

Programs Offered

★= Total certificate or degree offered
☆= Partial certificate or degree offered

Campuses: CF= LSC-CyFair, K= LSC-Kingwood, M= LSC-Montgomery, NH= LSC-North Harris, T= LSC-Tomball, OL= LSC-Online

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate  
Non-Credit Fast Track CF K M NH T UP OL
AutoCAD Draftsman  
SolidWorks Designer          

Computer Programming

Programmers are responsible for designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code for computer programs. Lone Star College offers coursework in C#, C++, Cobol, Java, Visual Basic.NET, and XML.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Computer Programming Specialist AAS    
C++ Programming Enhanced Skills Certificate    
Computer Programming Specialist Certificate  
Visual Basic Enhanced Skills Certificate    
Computer Programmer Certificate    

Computer Engineering

Electronics technologists fill entry-level positions in industry, which include: circuit diagnostics, laboratory and field-testing, manufacturing and assembly, quality assurance, technical sales, field service and certification of new installation projects.

They are involved with all products and systems of industry, including radios, radars, computers, network/wireless telecommunications applications and security systems, robots, audio and video systems, automotive electronics, medical instruments and navigation systems.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Computer Engineering
Technology AAS Degree

Game Design & Simulation

Upon completion of the Game Design and Simulation program with either an associate of applied science degree or a one year certificate, students will have learned all aspects of game design from concept to completion including documentation and play testing.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Game Design & Simulation Designer (Artist) AAS Degree          
Game Design & Simulation Developer (Programming) AAS Degree          
Game Design & Simulation Designer (Artist) Certificate    
Game Design & Simulation Developer (Programming) Certificate    

Geographic Information Systems

The geographic information systems (GIS) certificates and degree program prepare graduates for wide ranging career possibilities as entry-level technicians to data analysts and project managers in diverse fields of GIS application.

From data collection and input, to management and analysis, to project completion and information delivery, individuals will develop the skills to work at many levels of business, industry, government agencies and research and development.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Geographic Information Systems AAS Degree        
Geographic Information Systems Analyst Certificate        
Geographic Information Systems Technician Certificate        
Geographic Information Systems Marketable Skills Award          

Integrated Technology

Network administrators are responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software that comprises the network. The actual role of the network administrator will vary from company to company, but will commonly include activities and tasks such as network address assignment, assignment of routing protocols and routing table configuration as well as configuration of authentication and authorization.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Network and Computer System Administrator
AAS Degree
Converged Technology Advanced Technical Certificate            
Network and Computer Administrator Advanced Certificate  
Network and Computer System Administrator Basic Certificate  

Networking: Cisco & Microsoft

Networking specialists maintain the integrity and security of a company's network and the systems connected to it. A computer networking specialist must have extensive knowledge of network connectivity, protocols, network security devices, network types, including wireless, fiber optic or Cat5, and common operating systems, such as Windows and UNIX.

Coursework can lead to Cisco and/or Microsoft certifications.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Computer Networking AAS Degree, Cisco Track  
Computer Networking AAS Degree, Microsoft Track        
Network Administrator Certificate: CCNA    
Network Engineer Certificate: CCNP    
Cisco Network Administrator Certificate      
Cisco Network Analyst Certificate      
Network and System Support Certificate          
Non-Credit Fast Track CF K M NH T UP OL
CISCO Networking Administrator Certificate      

PC Helpdesk

Help desk technicians will field telephone calls and e-mail messages from customers who are seeking guidance on technical problems. In responding to these requests for guidance, help desk technicians must listen carefully to the customer, ask questions to diagnose the nature of the problem, and then walk the customer through the problem-solving steps.

Desk side support might also include installing and replacing PCs, supporting and installing peripherals, installing and troubleshooting software and connectivity issues.

Programs Offered

Non-Credit Fast Track CF K M NH T UP OL
A+ Certification          


Modern web applications often contain multiple levels of creation from client-side development (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) to server-side development (PHP, Java, and .NET). Web professionals work in dynamic environments that include designers, developers, producers, software architects, and database administrators.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Visual Communication AAS:
Web Design Track
Web Design Certificate  
Non-Credit Fast Track CF K M NH T UP OL
Web Designer            
Web Developer