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The Medical Professional Liability Insurance fee is collected at the time of a student’s registration when it has been built into a course section using an INSL code.  As of July 2007, the INSL code is linked directly to Risk Management’s budget number 10-00-6-401018-7661, so the premium can be paid to the insurance company on behalf of each student.  By doing so, the collected fees are later reflected on the Insurance Fee Rosters which are submitted to Risk Management during the reporting process.

If this fee has not been collected, the student should be referred to the campus Business Office. Instructors should advise a student who has not paid a required INSL fee that they cannot participate in coursework until the fee has been collected. The Business Office should use the MCRG screen in Colleague to input the information into the student’s AR record to adjust or add the insurance fee.

If a student is enrolled in additional or multiple courses that require medical professional liability and the INSL fee has already been collected for the period of September-August, additional INSL fees should be waived.