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Employer Services

  • Conference Centers

    Planning an offsite corporate retreat? Organizing a community group meeting? Hosting a wedding reception? Lone Star College Conference Centers can accommodate your needs for these events and more.

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  • Technical Lab Design

    As a provider of 100’s of training stations and labs on multiple sites across Lone Star College’s diverse campuses and helping companies and organizations around the world provide learning labs. We can help your company design a training lab to training your employees on skills that meet your operational needs.

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  • Skilled Workforce Recruitment

    Lone Star Corporate College knows your company needs a well-trained highly skilled workforce. Lone Star College graduates thousands of students each year that could be your next employee. We have job developers available to help you identify and recruit the best candidates for your company.

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  • Consulting Services

    Lone Star Corporate College’s experience as a corporate training company have allowed us to develop the best designs and processes for virtually any training and development project. Our solutions are as varied as our client’s needs.

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  • Train the Technical Trainer

    Lone Star College Train-the-Technical Trainer is a program that assists you in preparing your supervisors and team to serve as technical trainers. Our intensive two-day course will equip instructors with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver effective instructional content to audiences from diverse backgrounds. Also included adult learning theory, course planning and preparation, teaching strategies, delivery methods, learner engagement, and classroom management. We help you transition your supervisors into a 21 century effective technical trainer.

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