Randy Wilkins


Instructor / Consultant

Worked at Lone Star College Since


Area of Expertise


Classes Taught

  • Beginning through Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding including Pipe – SMAW
  • Beginning through Advanced Gas Metallic Arc Welding including Pipe – GMAW
  • Beginning through Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding including Pipe – GTAW
  • Beginning through Advanced Flux Core Arc Welding – FCAW

Degrees, Certifications, & Qualifications

  • Certified NCCER Welding Instructor

Past Experience

  • 15 years as a certified welder on carbon steel, stainless steel, various high nickel and chromium alloys, aluminum, zirconium, and titanium with multiple welding processes (SMAW, GTAW, GMAW)
  • Certified welder on the above named metals and alloys with automated and semi-automated welding processes including Submerged Arc Welding on heavy wall carbon steel, Automated GTAW on stainless steel / inconel and Plasma Arc Welding on stainless steel, inconel and titanium
  • Pipefitter / Fabricator / Supervisor on multiple construction projects and in fabrication facilities
  • Consultant with Lone Star College - Corporate College - sales calls as Subject Matter Expert regarding Welding and related skills training
  • 15 years sales experience in the Highway and Heavy Construction marketplace focused around soil stabilization, stormwater management / treatment and retaining wall systems with 7 years in an ownership position