Train the Technical Trainer

Training at a glance

Module 1: Course Basics
Instructor and participants will introduce themselves, discuss the structure and content of the course, and take a pre-course assessment. 1 Hour

Module 2: Adult Learners
Participants will be introduced to adult learning, including commonly used theoretical models, characteristics of adult learners, learning styles, variables that affect adult learners, the role of the instructor in an adult classroom, and the benefits of using Bloom’s taxonomy. 3.5 Hours

Module 3: Course Planning
Participants will be given tips and guidelines on professionalism in the classroom, and how to perform the basic skills required to design a course. 4.5 Hours

Module 4: Learner Engagement
Participants will learn to identify critical factors in engaging adult learners, including fostering positive relationships with adults to facilitate learning. 1.5 Hours

Module 5: Teaching Strategies
Participants will learn how to deliver learner-centeredinstruction. This will include targeted activities, as well as a broad overview of tools designed to aid instruction. 3.5 Hours

Module 6: Classroom Management
Participants will discuss effective classroom management strategies, and the benefits of good classroom management for the instructor and the learner. 2 Hours

Module 7: Course Closing
Participants will review the major concepts in the course, take a post-course assessment, and evaluate the course content and instructor. 1 Hour

Plus, the Flexibility to Provide

  • Industry licensure/certifications
  • Lone Star College certifications
  • Hands-on training in high-demand areas

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