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Coronavirus Update

All LSC facilities remain closed through April 30. Classes moving online resume April 13. Click here for course conversion information. Fall registration begins April 15. Additional student resources can be found at LoneStar.edu/Student-Resources.

**Important Update** Students must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA) before being eligible to apply for financial aid and other scholarships. Apply now at LoneStar.edu/CARESAct.

Center for Organizational and Teaching Excellence

We'd like to provide LSC-Tomball faculty with as many resources as possible to ease the transition from face-to-face instruction to online courses. Please find here a Quick Start Guide as well as additional links and aides.

Course Template

We have created an easy-to-use template for those of you needing to transition courses online. It is in the zipped file below. You will have to download this file and then extract its content, but it should then provide you with a shell you may then populate with your course content.

Online Trainings

View our calendar of online trainings that will be held live to assist you with your online courses.

Quick Start Guide to Setting Up a Course in D2L

The Four Most Basic Things You Must Do:

  1. Upload a Syllabus
  2. Set up Assignments
  3. Use Email
  4. Set up a Gradebook

Upload a Syllabus

Prior to uploading any file into D2L, you must create module. 

Then you can upload your syllabus (or any file): https://vtac.lonestar.edu/help/a092 

Set up Assignments

Assignments are anything you want them to be. What D2L provides is a way for students to submit their work to you, and for you to grade them online.

Use Email

D2L has its own email, separate from the Lone Star email. It is recommended that you use the D2L email for your online or hybrid class. Unlike the Lone Star Email, students cannot forward their D2L email to another email server. This eliminates the possibility of students claiming that another email server lost their mail. In addition, if you want, you can have your students submit their work to you via email.

Set up a gradebook

Using the D2L gradebook serves several functions. First, students can see what their progress grades are, without having to ask you. Second, D2L does the math calculations for you. And third, a nearly permanent record is kept of student grades.  There are three basic steps to setting up a gradebook: create categories, choose a grading system, and add grade columns.

  1. Create categories: https://vtac.lonestar.edu/help/create-gradebook-category 
  2. Difference between Weighted and Points: https://vtac.lonestar.edu/help/c001
  3. Set up a Weighted System Gradebook: https://vtac.lonestar.edu/help/a128
  4. Add a Grade Column: https://vtac.lonestar.edu/help/a168

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