Classroom Research Initiative



  • Implement a professional development program for faculty utilizing practical action research strategies to improve student engagement and success;
  • apply the principles of a culture of evidence to drive decisions about curriculum and evaluation of student success;
  • support faculty in their practical action research and exploration of strategies to enhance student engagement and success through instructional practices;
  • facilitate faculty engagement and scholarship of teaching through system and college travel funds and assistance with the publication of research findings.

Initiative Description:
Four-Phase Professional Development Program
Each campus will sponsor ten full- or part-time faculty participants for this program. Each campus will have an implementation team comprised of the Professional Development Manager, Senior Data Analyst and a Faculty Lead. They will facilitate the activities of the campus faculty cohort groups.
Cohorts will participate in a kick-off session co-facilitated by CCSSE staff to explore how CCSSE survey data can be utilized to make decisions about classroom activities and student engagement. Each campus is responsible for sponsoring three follow-up activities or sessions to maintain momentum of the program. The focus of these sessions will be determined at the campus level by the cohort, but available to all faculty, all campuses. Faculty will develop plans to revise a course or implement an action research project that focuses on enhancing student engagement and success. These plans will be implemented in the Spring and shared at a System-wide capstone event. Faculty that have completed all phases of the professional development program will be listed in a “Research Fellow Directory” along with their project focus and serve as contacts and possible mentors for future faculty participants.
Summer - Kick-Off Session: Using Data to Make Decisions about Classroom Strategies (faculty session and train-the –trainer session)

Fall – Three Follow-up Professional Development Activities at each campus to continue momentum. Topics and venues are cohort driven, but open to all faculty and instructional staff. Faculty will use the information gleaned from these sessions to help develop course revisions and action research projects for implementation in Spring.

Spring – Faculty implement their course revisions and action research projects. System Capstone experience for faculty to share their projects and outcomes with colleagues and administrators.

Final Phase -

  1. Convocation Faculty Conference – Faculty-led sessions to engage their peers in the scholarship of teaching.
  2. Faculty will receive support for scholarly activities at the campus level and through system funds to support publishing, conference presentations, and other scholarly activities to share their findings and outcomes from their projects.