Library of Professional Resources

In support of our goal to provide assistance to LSCS students and faculty, the System Disability Services Office is providing a library of professional resources to be utilized by LSCS faculty and staff to expand and enhance their knowledge in servicing diverse learners. 

The Professional Resources Inventory provides a collection of materials that can be checked out by LSCS faculty and staff.  Materials can be requested by submitting the Online Inventory Request form.  Request forms must be filled out accurately and completely in order for the request to be processed.  Requests will be processed within 48 hours of receipt of the request and delivered through intercampus mail.  Faculty and staff are responsible for returning materials in good condition by the due date.

When you have used the resource, we would appreciate your feedback on how helpful the material was and what suggestions you have for future versions. Please take some time to provide us with feedback submitted in the Online Evaluation form.

For additional inquiries about a specific resource please contact:

Iris Hansen
Manager, Disability Services
20515 SH 249, Building 11, Office 11402
Houston, TX 77070
Office:  281-290-1869
Fax:  281-290-2980