Diversity & Inclusion at LSC-CyFair

Mission Statement

At LSC-CyFair, our mission is to enrich the campus climate with the goal of promoting a culture that embraces understanding, social and academic inclusion and positive relationships that support student success and community awareness.

Looking Ahead

Diversity Related Events for 2012 - 2013: Opportunities for Participation

The Diversity and Inclusion Council is pleased to present the diversity related events that will take place in the 2012-2013 academic year!

Diversity Related Events for 2012-2013:

  1. Ongoing - Holy Days Around the World   5. February- Black History Month
  2. September- Hispanic Heritage Month   6. March- Women’s Month
  3. October- Diversity Awareness Week   7. March- Gay Pride Week
  4. January- Lunar New Year   8. May- International Festival

If you are interested in being a part of the planning committee, please see below for more information on each one and for the contact information of the planning committee chairs.

Because planning typically begins a couple of months before the actual events, make sure to contact the chairs (listed below) in advance if you want to participate.


1. Holy Days around the World- Ongoing

Purpose: To celebrate Holy Days and Holidays around the world throughout the year.

Help Needed: If you are interested in showcasing a Holy Day or Holiday from around the world, please contact Mayada Shahrokhi for more information.

2. Hispanic Heritage Month– September 2012

Message from Rito Silva, Chair of the Hispanic Heritage Month Planning Committee: Please bring any ideas you might have. We have a short window to plan the activities because I know most faculty might be gone for the summer and Hispanic Heritage Month takes place in September soon after the classes being in the fall.

Help Needed: You may contact Rito Silva, chair of the Hispanic Heritage Month Planning Committee, if you are interested in participating in the planning
3. Diversity Awareness Week - October 2012

Message from Diversity and Inclusion Council: The Diversity and Inclusion Council is excited about having a great week filled with events that celebrate all of the diversity we have on our campus. Diversity Week will culminate with a wonderful event put together by the Council’s Workforce Subcommittee that will bring a wonderful speaker to come and give our college community a workshop.

Help Needed: Attend the events! We’d like to have as much participation as possible, especially on the day we bring in our speaker. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact the event organizers, Cyndie McNamee, Ellen Junious, Kristina Sampson, and Fay Lee.
4.Lunar New Year- January 2013

Message from Fay Lee,  Chair of Lunar New Year Planning Committee: The Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, is a special holiday celebrated in Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, and in many other countries across Asia.  In the United States, many Asians and Asian Americans today recognize this day as a time to celebrate prosperity, health and happiness for the coming year. 

We hope to make this celebration a tradition at LSC-CyFair as well. 

Help Needed: If you are interested in being a part of the planning committee to celebrate this important holiday tradition, please contact Fay Lee (fay.d.lee@lonestar.edu).

5. Black History Month- February 2013

Message from Anthony McMillan, Chair of Black History Month Planning Committee: The theme for Black History Month is going to be the celebrating the 50th anniversary on the march on Washington.

Help Needed:If anyone is interested in creating, partnering, or participating in any fashion with programming around the theme, please contact Anthony McMillan.
6. Women’s Month- March 2013

Message from Brenda Rivera and Rebecca Stasney, Chairs of Women’s Month Planning Committee: Women’s Month 2012 was a huge success, and we’re looking forward to having an even better year full of great events and high attendance. Although we will be having many general themed events, we are planning on having our main focus this year be human trafficking.

Help Needed: If you are interested in being a part of our committee and helping with the planning, marketing, and organizing of the events, please contact Brenda Rivera and Rebecca Stasney.
7. Pride Celebration 2013-- March  

SUMMARY:The GLBTA (Lone Star College-CyFair’s student organization for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender students and their Allies) is proud to invite the college and community to join a week of celebrating the lives, history, families and friends of GLBT students and learning about the challenges and triumphs of the GLBTA community. Past GLBT Pride Weeks have included panels on same sex marriage, the coming out process, bullying, being an ally to the GLBT community, and gender identity and expression. 

HELP NEEDED: GLBTA needs help from faculty and staff in the following areas: Invitation to talk in their classes about GLBT issues (one of the most important), help with the organization of an event, its advertisement, invitation of out of campus speakers and visibility of their support of equality. 

Please contact the chairs of the planning committee (Hilary Harris, Aaron Alon, and Blake Ellis at LSC-CyFair and Sophia Mrouri and Mark Fisher at LSC-Fairbanks) if you wish to participate or help in this event.

8. International Festival 2013—Date TBA:

SUMMARY and PURPOSE:The International Festival is a celebration of International education week at the Fairbanks Center involving international students, ESL students, students obtaining  international studies minor and all students interested in international issues. Events will include a campus wide international festival with dance performances, music, food, a fashion show and table displays representing the international diversity of the Fairbanks Center.

HELP NEEDED: The International Festival is always a huge success and well attended by Fairbanks Center students and their families, so the type of support that is needed is typically with the planning.

Please contact the chairs of the planning committee (Irina Patten and Mark Fisher) If you are interested in helping with planning.

Note: If there is an event that you believe needs to be on this list and is not currently listed, please contact the chairs, Brenda Rivera and Will Deese, so that the D&I Council can include it in the future.