Dual Credit Eligibility

General Requirements

In order for students to be eligible for dual credit, the following requirements must be met:

  • The student's high school must have a Dual Credit agreement with Lone Star College System (LSCS). Please view our current list of school districts with Dual Credit agreements.
  • The student is enrolled currently in a public, charter or private high school or home school;
  • The student has completed the required online Enrollment Guide;
  • The student has a current admissions application on file with LSCS;
  • The student has an Exceptional Admission Form with approvals from their high school administrator, college designee and parent/guardian;
  • The student has taken an approved assessment for college prerequisites; For more information, please view the Texas Success Initiative and Approved Assessment Scores for Dual Credit Enrollment.
  • The student must meet prerequisites in the areas that are applicable to the course including reading, writing and math, where appropriate;   
  • Per Texas Administrative Code, the student shall not be enrolled in more than 2 dual credit classes per semester.
  • The student must maintain a grade of "C" or better in each class to remain in the program.

Home School Students

Home school students who are interested in participating in the dual credit program should bring a copy of their high school transcript to meet with an academic advisor at their respective LSC college campus.

Note: Determination that a college course meets the high school TEKS/learning outcomes for a particular high school course is the responsibility of the school district or private/charter/home school. The Lone Star College System does not identify courses as meeting any particular TEA requirements for high school graduation. Lone Star College-Online has designed some online dual credit courses to meet the TEKS, but additional outcomes required by any school/district will need to be supplemented by that school/district. All decisions regarding a student's high school graduation plan should be determined by their school counselor/administrator.

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