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 EA Finance is currently in the early stages of preparing for the implementation of Maintenance Packs 13 and 14. The implementation is scheduled to begin in March and EA Finance is the process of downloading and reviewing the release notes and Change assistant files.  The first application of the Maintenance Packs is scheduled to be applied to the Testing Demo environment this month.

FSM Projects


EA FIN PeopleSoft FSCM Apply Maintenance Packs

13 & 14


  • Apply MP 13 & 14.

  • Will keep LSCS FSM finance up to date on the latest patches and fixes for PeopleSoft v9.1.


2 % Complete

Feb 2015 To Jun 2015

EA FIN Streamline and automate Project Costing / Grants acctg and rptg Phase II



  • Create a Projects user dashboard.

  • Modify project costing to include phases for projects.


6 % Complete

Jan 2015 To  Jul 2015

Payroll Bank Account Reconciliation Project


  • Implement Payroll bank account reconciliations processed within HCM.

  • LSCS business process for Escheatment.

  • BAI2 file import automation to INBOUND folder for system reconciliation. 


3% Complete

Feb 2015 To Sept 2015

ACH Payment Transmission:


  • Change ACH Payment Format.

  • Allow for credits and invoice numbers to pass with file.

  • Transmit payment net of combined invoices.


80% Complete

Dec 2014 To Feb 2015

Hyperion Enhancements Phase 3 & 4:


  • Phase 3 - Automate the data load from PS Finance to Hyperion.

  • Phase 4 - Identify and implement a solution for handling an employee dimension.


6% Complete

Dec 2014 To May 2015



FSM Maintenance Pack Schedule


Maintenance Pack






Go Live Date

 Go Live Date
 FSCM 9.1 Maintenance Pack 12 (Delta)  06/08/2013  06/08/2014  06/08/2014
 FSCM 9.1 Maintenance Pack 13 (Delta)  05/20/2014  06/07/2015  
 FSCM 9.1 Maintenance Pack 14 (Delta)  12/22/2014  06/07/2015  



Links to FSM Documents


 Maintenance Pack 12 Overview 

 Maintenance Pack 12 Time Line


 Last Updated: February 2015 (Will be updated monthly)



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