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EA Finance assistedProject Costing in completing a major reporting project in October and is currently developing the specifications for the Hyperion Phase 3 & 4 project slated to start in December. We are also in the process of applying the 2014 1099 Updates Patch and will provide support for Accounts Payable's 1099 process testing for the current tax year.

FSM Projects

Apply Patch to Updatethe 2014 1099 Process/Form:


  • Apply PeopleSoft Patch to update the current year forms to comply with new 2014 tax year changes.


5% Complete

nov2014 ToDec 2014

Workflow Business Process for Terminated Employees:


  • Reviewand document the current business process for removing access and re-assigning roles for terminated employees.

  • Verifywhen security changes are made.

  • Identify workflow administrators for the finance modules.

  • Verify that WF administrators have the needed security roles.


60% Complete

sept 2014 ToNov 2014

FSM Maintenance Pack Schedule

Maintenance Pack






Go Live Date

Go Live Date
FSCM 9.1 Maintenance Pack 12 (Delta) 06/08/2013 06/08/2014 06/08/2014
FSCM 9.1 Maintenance Pack 13 (Delta) 05/20/2014 06/07/2015
FSCM 9.1 Maintenance Pack 14 (Delta) 12/22/2014 06/07/2015

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Maintenance Pack 12 Overview

Maintenance Pack 12 Time Line

Last Updated:November 2014 (Will be updated monthly)

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