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Economics will prepare the students to analyze economy; national income accounting; income determination and stabilization policies. They will also be able to analyze consumer behavior, production, cost; equilibrium analysis in product markets under different market structures, such as perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition and different types of factor markets and factor price determination.

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BASS Division
Co-Dean of Instruction

BASS Division
Co-Dean of Instruction

BASS Division

Dean of Instruction
Phone: 936.273.7321
Office: F-355
Frank Granack
Phone: 936.271.6131
Office: F-359
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Janis Bloecher
Academic Advisor
Phone: 936.273.7258
Office: F-338

Economics Faculty
James Zipperer
Interim Co-Dean & 
Department Chair
Phone: 936.273.7391 
Office: F-361
Edson Timana
Assistant Professor
Phone: 936.273.7346
Office: F-356
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