Opening Doors to a Better Community

Responding to community need, with input from a committee of citizen leaders, the Lone Star College System Board of Trustees voted to place a bond referendum before area voters for approval on Nov. 4.

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    Voters will decide on a $485 million bond, which will be used to create more learning space to accommodate the extraordinary growth being experienced in the LSCS service area. The bond funds will also fund construction of new Advanced Technology Centers, to help fill the critical shortage of trained technical workers in the Houston region.

  • Project Breakdown

    • New instructional and support buildings: 686,000 sf
    • Renovations to existing facilities: 362,000 sf
    • Increase parking: 3,300 spaces
    • Improve campus safety and security
    • Enhance and upgrade technology infrastructure
    • Improve traffic flow and campus access
  • Future Needs: Advanced Technology Centers

    1. Computer Information Technology & Visual Communications (LSC-CyFair)
      • Classroom space with high level computing infrastructure (50,000 sf)
    2. Industrial/Commercial Construction& HVACR (LSC-North Harris)
      • High bay area (50,000 sf)
    3. Process & Lab Technology (Oil/Gas/Water) (LSC-Kingwood)
      • Significant workforce training area (50,000 sf)
    4. Transportation & Logistics Institute (LSC-North Harris)
      • Land, classroom building and space for 18 wheeler cabs and trailers (15,000 sf)
    5. Drilling Platform Training Center (LSC-Tomball)
      • Rig for drilling, hydraulic fracturing and engineering technology (15,000 sf)
    6. Workforce Certification Assessment Center (LSC-University Park)
      • Build-out floor (25,000 sf)
  • Chart of bond financial summary by building type
  • Campuses

    Below you will find a breakdown of improvements, renovations, and new construction at each of our campuses:

  • LSC-CyFair

    LSC-CyFair campus
    • New instructional building: 75,000 sf
    • Central Plant expansion: 3,000 sf
    • Renovations to existing facilities: 23,000 sf
    • Increase parking: 750 spaces
  • LSC-Kingwood

    LSC-Kingwood theater building
    • New healthcare instructional building: 60,000 sf
    • Student services expansion: 10,000 sf
    • Renovations to existing facilities: 28,000 sf
    • Increase parking: 550 spaces
  • LSC-Montgomery

    LSC-Montgomery General Academic Center
    • New student services building: 60,000 sf
    • Magnolia satellite center: 65,000 sf
    • LSC-Conroe Center expansion: 15,000 sf
    • Renovations to existing facilities: 90,000 sf
    • Increase parking: 1,110 spaces
  • LSC-North Harris

    LSC-North Harris clock tower and courtyard
    • New instructional building: 60,000 sf
    • Advanced Technology Workforce Center: 50,000 sf
    • LSC-Victory Center expansion: 25,000 sf
    • Renovations to existing facilities: 25,000 sf
    • Increase parking: 400 spaces
  • LSC-Tomball

    LSC-Tomball Performing Arts Center
    • New student services building: 40,000 sf
    • Build-out Health Science Building: 20,000 sf
    • Central Plant expansion: 3,000 sf
    • Renovation to existing facilities: 21,000 sf
    • Increase parking: 300 spaces
  • LSC-University Park

    LSC-University Park campus exterior
    • New instructional science building: 50,000 sf
    • New instructional arts building: 40,000 sf
    • Renovations to existing facilities: 55,000 sf
    • Increase parking: 170 spaces
  • System-Wide Support Projects

    LSC-University Park campus exterior
    • Campus safety and security improvements
    • Technology infrastructure upgrades and expansion
    • Program management and land acquisitions
    • Cost and growth contingencies
    • Renovation to existing System Office facilities at the Research Forest and University Park campuses: 70,000 sf
Why Lone Star Colege?

Notice of School Trustee and Bond Election

2014 Election Downloads

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2014 Bond Referendum and Board of Trustees Election brochure
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2014 LSC brochure
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Key Messages

2014 LSC Bond Key Messages
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Quick Facts

2014 LSC Bond Quick Facts
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Key Messages

2014 LSC Bond Referendum and Board of Trustees Election Presentation (pdf)

Proven Financial Management

LSC is fiscally responsible and maintains a AAA Bond Rating from Standard & Poor’s Rating Services – enabling LSC to borrow money at lower interest rates. The credit rating was increased eight times in the last 10 years. In addition:

  • LSC maintains administrative operating expenses under 12%, which is one of the lowest in Texas. (Source: Texas Association of Community Colleges)
  • The LSC tax rate is lower than it was 15 years ago. And the Board of Trustees has lowered the tax rate 6 of the last 10 years. (11.6 cents/100 vs. 10.81 cents/100).
  • LSC has received a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting recognition each year since 2004.
  • LSC maintains a tax freeze for 65+ and/or disabled which means the actual dollar amount owed will never increase, even if the property value increases.

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