All applicants are required to apply electronically through our online application. For your convenience, please browse our Frequently Asked Questions and Hiring Practices. To ensure a successful completion of your application, please follow these steps:

  1. Search and review open job vacancies.
  2. Assemble all necessary documents, if applicable: resume, cover letter, employment history, relevant competencies/skills, education, transcripts, licenses and certification information, references
  3. Create and complete your online application. Please do not state "See Resume" within your application
  4. Attach all required supporting documents to your online application (e.g. résumé, cover letter, as indicated in job posting by an asterisk*)  There is a 2mb size limit on each document that is attached.  Acceptable document formats are: Microsoft Word, PDF, TXT, or RTF
  5. Attach unofficial transcripts (this is optional but highly recommended)
  6. Print a copy of your application for your records


At Lone Star College System, your privacy is our chief concern. We understand that you entrust us with your private personal information.

Under no circumstances will Lone Star College System share any personal information about you with any person or organization outside of Lone Star College System.