English, Writing & Reading Tutoring

Appointment Tutoring, PAC 200

30 Minute Sessions

To schedule an appointment, you have 3 options:

  1. Log onto http://lonestar.mywconline.com/
  2. Call 281-312-1439
  3. Stop by PAC 200

Walk-In Tutoring

No Appointment Needed During Scheduled Hours!

DS Writing Lab, LIB 219

This lab is designed for students taking Developmental Reading or Writing Courses

  • Work on any class assignments (in your ENGL 0302, 0304, 0305, 0306, 0307, 0309 classes)
  • Write essays and research papers
  • Ask questions about reading, writing and grammar

Writing Center, LIB 219

The Center is designed for students that have writing assignments in ANY class

  • There are several computers where you can work on your assignment
  • You will have a quiet place to concentrate as you write

Writing, Reading & English, Library

Online Tutorials & Resources

English/ Language

Punctuation Rules


Essay - Parts of the Essay

Sentences (Parts of Speech)

Essay - Samples

Common Errors

  • Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers
  • Subject and Verb Agreement - handout, video, activity
  • Accept vs. Except
  • Affect vs. Effect
  • Desert vs. Dessert
  • Either and Neither
  • Its vs. It's
  • That vs. Which - handout, activity
  • Then vs. Than
  • They're, Their or There
  • Too or To
  • Weather vs. Whether
  • Who vs. Whom - handout, video, activity
  • "You and I" or "You and Me"
  • Your vs. You're

Essay - How To


Recommended Writing Websites

Meet the Tutors

Camille Stewart

Camille Stewart

Kristen Khalaf

Kristen Khalaf

Theresa Kowalczyk

Theresa Kowalczyk

Terry Simmons

Terry Simmons

Sally Patterson

Sally Patterson

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