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Service-Now Enhancements

We are currently working on various enhancements to the Service-Now Incident, Change and Project modules. In addition, we are also in the early stages of implementing a Loaner Request and Call Ticket module.

myLoneStar Mobile - HCM 5.0

The Enterprise Portal team has implemented an update on the HCM side of myLoneStar mobile. Employees will now benefit from the same user interface seen on the Campus Solutions side of myLoneStar mobile. This update will be reflected in both the web based and native applications.

Additionally, we are also working on the mobile update that will go hand in hand with Campus Solutions Bundle 35.

PeopleSoft Portal Bundles

The Portal Services team is preparing for the upcoming implementation of the Oracle Common Objects Bundles #1-11 as well as Interaction Hub Bundle #9. These updates will bring Enterprise Portal up to date with all major Oracle Bundle releases.

PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.54

The Portal Services team is exploring the latest features and functionality that will come with PeopleTools 8.54. This version of PeopleTools will enable various new features that could be implemented across all PeopleSoft pillars.

Last Updated:November 2014 (Will be updated monthly)
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