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Service-Now Eureka Upgrade

We have completed upgrading Service-Now to the Eureka release. The Eureka release includes enhancements that drive the enterprise service model and improve the overall user experience.

Native myLoneStar Mobile

The Enterprise Portal team is working on introducing a native mobile application for students and staff. Currently, we offer users a web-based mobile application. While web based applications offer benefits such as multiple device compatibility, real-time updates and a centralized code base, we can further improve the overall mobile experience by introducing a native mobile application option which also offers its own unique benefits.

PeopleSoft WorkCenters

The Portal Services team is exploring the idea of developing various WorkCenters that could streamline daily activities for personnel across the organization.

WorkCenter pages are a type of configurable PeopleSoft page that enable you to offer access to related transactions, analytics data, query results, and other PeopleSoft resources from one central location. You can organize the elements on WorkCenter pages based on processes, procedures, roles, or other business requirements that are specific to your organization. When carefully designed, WorkCenter pages bring together the PeopleSoft elements that your users access most when performing the tasks that compose their primary responsibilities. As a result, WorkCenter pages promote productivity by minimizing the time that users spend navigating between tasks.

Last Updated:September 2014 (Will be updated monthly)
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