How is an Honors class different from a regular level class?

Honors classes cover essentially the same material as regular level classes but strive to create an enriched, intensified learning experience for the student. Honors classes are usually smaller in number than regular level classes.

Who is an Honors student?

An Honors student is usually a student with an A/B grade average and an active, curious mind. Honors students assume responsibility for their educational experience and understand that to be successful they must actively participate in the learning journey.

How does successfully completing an Honors course benefit a student?

In an Honors course, a student benefits from an enhanced learning environment. Honors students are given the opportunity to enrich themselves both academically and culturally. Upon completion of the course, your transcript will reflect the Honors nature of the class. In addition, some Texas colleges and universities transfer Lone Star College-Kingwood's Honors courses and count those courses toward graduation with honors.

What is service learning?

Service learning is a component of several Honors courses that asks students to participate in volunteer or unpaid work in the community and then create a presentation or writing detailing that work, explaining how it expanded or enhanced classroom-acquired knowledge.

What is the deadline for applying to the Honors College?

The Honors College accepts applications throughout the year.

What is the deadline for applying for the Honors College Chancellor’s Fellowship?

The deadline for applying for one of 20 Chancellor’s Fellowships is April 15. Early consideration applications are due February 1.

How do I register for an Honors Course?

Honors Students can register for Honors courses online, the same process a student would take to register for regularly scheduled classes. Once access is requested, the Honors Director will approve enrollment. Remember, these classes are limited, register as soon as possible!

What do I do if there are no more Honors Courses available?

Students have the option to take a traditional, non-Honors course and earn Honors credit for it by individually contracting with the instructor. This will add an Honors Project to the existing course work. Called “Honors by Contract,” students and faculty partner to create a curriculum that provides an equivalent experience to that of a student taking an Honors course.

Students CAN contract for a class which:

  • Is NOT regularly offered as a Honors course
  • Is being taught by a professor who is approved by the Honors Council to teach Honors courses

To learn about the process for creating and completing an Honors contract, please go to Honors Courses. For questions about a class, please contact the Honors College Director.

How many classes are required each semester?

The easy answer is “none.” Students are encouraged to monitor their own schedules and abilities. Some terms, you might take 2 Honors classes; other semesters you might not take any. There is no maximum number of classes per semester BUT you must take at least 1 class or contract each academic year to remain in the Honors College.