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New 8-Week Courses

There are many benefits to taking an 8-Week class

This fall, get on the Fast Track here at Lone Star College-Montgomery. Research shows that students are much more successful in 8-week semesters. 8-Week Degree programs allow students to:

  • Prioritize: Students can focus their attention on two classes at a time to minimize workload.
  • Complete: A life event that causes students to drop classes won’t impact the number of courses dropped as heavily.
  • Capitalize: Longer meeting times over shorter semesters allows students more time to focus on difficult subjects.
  • Transfer: Taking Advantage of 8 Week semesters can allow students to transfer to the university of choice sooner.

The 8 Week degree program allows students to break up a 16 week semester into two 8 week semesters.  Students who take 12 hours of credit over the two 8 week semesters can still qualify for financial aid!  

There are many benefits to taking an 8-Week class:

  • Focus on taking one class at a time.
  • Retake classes and get back up to speed quickly.
  • Transfer to your university of choice sooner. 

Fall 2019

Registration for Fall 2019 is open. Register today to get the classes and schedule you want.

Course Core/Elective Component Hours
First Session (Fall)
ENGL 1301 Communication 3
  Core elective (or ENGL co-requisite) 3
EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks 3
Second Session (Fall)
MATH 1314 Mathematics 3
ENGL 1302 or 2311 Component Area Option (or Math co-requisite) 3
Third Session (Spring)
SPCH 1311, 1315, 1318, 1321 Communication 3
HIST 1301 American History II 4
Fourth Session (Spring)
SOCI 1301/ PYSC 2301/ECON 2301 Social and Behavioral Science (or Math co-requisite) 4
HIST 1302 American History II 3
Fifth Session (Summer or Second Fall)
SOCI 1301/PYSC 2301/ECON 2301 Social and Behavioral Science 4
ARTS 1301/DRAM 2366 Creative Arts 3
Sixth Session (Summer or Second Fall)
BIOL 1408 or ENVR 1401 Biological & Physical Science 4
Seventh Session
BIOL 1409 or ENVR 1401 Biological & Physical Science 4
Eighth Session
  Elective 3
  Lang/Phil/Cult 3
GOVT 2305 Government  
Ninth Session
GOVT 2306 Government 3
Tenth Session
  Elective 3
  Elective (if necessary due to co-requisite) 3
Total Hours for Degree: 60

Choose electives from any course in the catalog based on university requirements if transferring.

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We encourage you to talk with an advisor to see if accelerated courses are a good fit for you. Lone Star College academic advisors have resources and tips available to assist you in determining which courses will help you reach your goals.

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Once you have been advised and cleared to register, start searching for open courses using myLonestar.  You may register for classes online or in person with a Student Services staff member. Need help? Contact Student Services for further information and assistance

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