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FIE Award Recipients 2006-2007


Carolyn Ho and Robert O'Brian: Lone Star College–CyFair
Observe the Chinese language and cultural program at the prestigious Soochow, and visit faculty at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The last stage of the is a training course in Beijing.

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Wei Li: Lone Star College-North Harris
Visit to China to further internationalize courses, explore possible study abroad opportunities and collect data on China's progress and challenges.


Trey Broadhurst: Lone Star College–Montgomery
Visit the Slovenian and Croatian coasts to improve teaching knowledge base of biology practices overseas, engage in professional development by visiting marine biology research institutes along the Adriatic coast and investigat the possibility of creating a study abroad course.

England, France, Switzerland

Catherine Olson: Lone Star College–Tomball
To gain an abstract understanding of European Romanticism to bring knowledge back tot he classroom.


Buck Buchanan & Robert Coyle: Lone Star College–CyFair
Visit the Vesuvian Institute to inspect the facilities available at the institute, establisha partnership and explore further opportunities to develop learning communities betweeen Geography, history and related disciples.

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London, England

Susan Ouren: Lone Star College-Kingwood
Visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England to meet with museum and design school officials to develop curriculum project content and visiting details.


Cherith Letargo & Brian Shmaefsky: Lone Star College-Kingwood
To form networks in the Philipines so students can study geology in an area known for diverse geological features that result in natural disasters affecting the health and well-being of people.

United Kingdom

Tom Hobbs: Lone Star College-North Harris
To study the men and the rock exposures studied to develop the science geology in the late 1700s and 1800s, by visiting museums and outcrops to observe the nature of the formations and their impact on the interpretation of the development of Earth's crust over time.

United Kingdom

Julie Brasher: Lone Star College–CyFair
Work with the UK program emphasizing diversity among target audiences, bridge between cultures to promote international understanding of products, ideas and audiences, and work to build a Student Exchange Program.

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