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FIE Award Recipients 2007-2008


Craig Livingston: Lone Star College–Montgomery
In 2009 Craig Livingston will teach History of Colonial America, 1607-1763. The course internationalizes the curriculum at a time when the North Atlantic world celebrates the 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War (1754-1763). The Canadian frontier constituted a contact zone between Britain, France, and Indian clients. Field research in Montreal and Ottawa will supplement Colonial America with original material and allow Craig to obtain sources needed to finish his documentary on the 1758 British attack on Fort Ticonderoga.

Costa Rica

Janice Hartgrove-Freile: Lone Star College-North Harris
Janice will visit several sites in Costa Rica to explore the impact of environment on the individual and on different age groups and to explore lifespan issues among different population subgroups; explore sites and opportunities for a study abroad section of PSYC 2314.

Galapagos, Quito, Ecuador

Elizabeth Morgan: Lone Star College-Kingwood
The purpose of the trip is to experience the vast biodiversity in the one of the most significant areas in the history of biology while broadening biological knowledge through interactions with naturalists and researchers. The goal will be to investigate the possibilities of taking science educators, students, and interested community members to the islands for international field studies.


Linda Crow: Lone Star College–Montgomery
Investigations in the Galapagos - Following Darwin's Footsteps, are to investigate and document in a scientific fashion the Galapagos Islands.  Part of the products will be a naturalistic journal and approach to be used with students to have them use this journal approach.  The Galapagos Islands represent unique ecosystems and provide modern biologists with experiences similar to those of Charles Darwin.  These islands allow a glimpse into the process of evolution.

Germany, Austria, Czech Republic

Kathleen Monahan and Betsy Powers: Lone Star College–Montgomery
The purpose of this trip is to explore the possibility of honors study abroad program seminars at universities in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Kathleen and Betsy hope to determine the sites to visit with students in the summer 2009 honors study abroad program, and to gather information on the site visits that can benefit students in all classes at Lone Star College–Montgomery.


Linda Woodward: Lone Star College–Montgomery
Focus of the trip will be the Baroque Colonial Churches of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Although a considerable distance from Europe, there is a strong connection in the religious architecture of Western Europe and that of the Colonial period in central Mexico. Upon examination of a select number of churches, Linda Woodward can evaluate the influences and also the divergences that make this expression of faith a synthesis of European genesis and Mexican cultural identitites.

Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Hungary

Danel Olson: Lone Star College-North Harris
To further search for sources of the Gothic and to explore possibilities for students, Danel plans to journey through as much of Eastern Europe as possible: especially Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary.  Old castles and church graveyards, tall dark woods, and the haunting stories people tell there will be objects of desire.  If difficulties arise in getting to some of the countries, as can happen, he would explore borderlands--Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, and northern Greece—for the clues they provide.

South Africa

Carolyn Davis: Lone Star College-North Harris
Her three week journey will explore the political, social, economic, and ecological systems of South Africa.   Researching the following  areas: 1. the nation-building challenges facing South Africa in its transition from a segregated society under apartheid to an integrated society (hopefully with  better results than Zimbabwe, 2. can South Africa overcome the crisis of identity and whether the four main factions (the Afrikaners, the Anglos, the Zulus and the ANC) can successfully think of themselves first as South Africaners, 3. the 'Politics of  a Pandemic' (based on the AIDS crisis), 4. capital punishment (since South Africa and the US are two of the top 5 countries that execute offenders), and  the impact of global warming on the unique ecosystems of South Africa including animal range shifts and animal population decline.

Sri Lanka

Shawn Miller: Lone Star College–CyFair
This activity will involve studying the recovery methods of businesses and the economy of a third world nation affected by a tsunami.  Research will include speaking to local fishermen who lost their livelihood during the disaster, to traveling through elephant inhabited jungles, and visiting local villages to learn how such an event impacted inland economies and the way accounting for transactions has changed.  This activity will also include exploring a very viable study abroad program for business students.  Meetings will be arranged with the Vice President of the college in this foreign country.


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