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The Basic Structural Firefighter Certificate (C1_BFF1) certificate offered at LSC-CyFair, LSC-Kingwood and LSC-Montgomery. The Fire Science Technology Program has Additional Entrance Requirements. For more information please contact the Fire Science Department.

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Program Description

The structural firefighting certificate is for students wanting to pursue entry level opportunities as fire fighters. Interested students should contact fire science technology faculty for information regarding application and admission to the program.

First Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
FIRS 1301 Firefighter Certification I 3
FIRS 1407 Firefighter Certification II 4
FIRS 1313 Firefighter Certification III 3
FIRS 1319 Firefighter Certification IV 3
FIRT 1171 Firefighter Agility & Fitness Prep 1

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Second Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
Elective   FIRT/FIRS Elective 3
FIRT 2171 Firefighter Agility & Fitness Prep II 1
FIRS 1423 Fire Certification V 4
FIRS 1329 Fire Certification VI 3
FIRS1 1433 Fire Certification VII 4

TOTAL Second Semester Credits:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credit Hours for Basic Structural Firefighter Certificate:



  1. Capstone course