This page host(s) the most frequently used documents by Advisors/Sponsors and other club/organization officials. For related links and suggested sites, utilize the drop-down box on the left.

Back to TopRegistered Student Organization Information

PDF Icon Starting a Club
PDF Icon RSO New & Renewal Application
PDF Icon Membership Roster
PDF Icon Advisor Agreement
PDF Icon Hazing Laws
PDF Icon Agreement for Use of College Facilities 
PDF Icon Office Agreement
PDF Icon Office Locker Application
PDF Icon   Instructions for Risk Management & Advisor Manual Training
 PDF Icon   Risk Management for RSOs

Back to TopBudget

PDF Icon Club Funding Requirements
PDF Icon Catering Request Form
PDF Icon  Lakeside Cafe Catering Request Form
PDF Icon Purchase Request Form
PDF Icon Tax Exempt Form 
PDF Icon Stipend Approval Form
PDF Icon  Transfer of Funds Request

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PDF Icon Travel Process for RSOs
PDF Icon TR1 - Request for Approval of College Sponsored Student Travel
PDF Icon TR2 - Trip Plan
PDF Icon TR3 - Trip Roster
PDF Icon TR4 - Participant Release and Indemnification Agreement
PDF Icon TR4b - Code of Conduct
PDF Icon TR5 - Participant's Medical Information and Authorization for Medical Treatment
PDF Icon TR6 - Incident Report
PDF Icon Driver's License Background Check
PDF Icon Request to Operate Motor Vehicle
PDF Icon iStar Travel and Expense Report (Tutorial)
PDF Icon Student Travel Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement

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PDF Icon Branding Style Guide
PDF Icon Branding Workshop
PDF Icon Campus Publicity Guidelines

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PDF Icon Pre-Event Management Form
PDF Icon Post-Event Management Form
PDF Icon W-9 Vendor Request (Fax Form)
PDF Icon Fundraising Form and Guidelines
PDF Icon Equipment Checkout Request Form
PDF Icon Print Request Guidelines
PDF Icon  Print Request Form