What is an Annual Scholarship?
Annual Scholarships are donations given to directly fund scholarships without the preservation of the original gift principal. These funds shall be expended as directed by the donor. There is not a minimum donation amount for an Annual Scholarship. This type of gift is generally awarded for two years or more, however, if you are interested in funding a scholarship that is awarded only once, please see our information regarding Special Scholarships.

How do I fund an Annual Scholarship?
Donations are accepted in the form of outright contributions, support of special events such as the annual Golf Tournament or StarGala, memorials or honorariums.

How do I establish an Annual Scholarship?
It is easy to establish an Annual Scholarship in your name, in the name of your business or in honor of someone you love. Representatives of the Lone Star College Foundation will work with Foundation Logoyou to execute an agreement, designed with or without criteria (stipulations, demographics, college or colleges attended, academic standing, academic programs, etc.) as you request.

YES! I wish to establish an Annual Scholarship.