Employee campaign really goes places! 

"Oh, the Places They Will Go" refers not only to Lone Star College students but its employees as well as this yearís Employee Giving Campaign showed. 

The campaign, which ran in September and October, raised more than $180,000 in gifts and pledges! Thirty-eight percent of full-time employees contributed and all employees enjoyed fanciful events at every campus such as pancake breakfasts and carnival games. Since 2015, the employees of Lone Star College have raised nearly $880,000 towards student scholarships, program support, and emergency support for students and staff.

"Students are always deeply grateful when they realize that others are also invested in their education.  It makes them better students because they know they arenít in this alone. Supporting students through the giving campaign also creates a beautiful cycle: Students who know that we care about them work harder, study more, and do better in school." said Dr. Rebecca Riley, LSC-Montgomery President. "That attitude and behavior spreads to fellow students, encouraging them not only to work hard, but also to seek help when needed. So scholarships donít just provide an individual benefit.  They are beneficial to the whole college community.  Giving to support this is just a great thing all around!"

Taylor Dickinson and Katie Gruenhagen, both from LSC-Montgomery, co-chaired this yearís campaign.

"What I love most about the Giving Campaign, and why I enjoy being a part of it in some way every year, is that it gives back in so many ways; to our students, our campuses, our community. What better way to show that we care than to invest with our time by volunteering and financially with our donations?" said Dickinson.

The campaign encouraged employees to give through either payroll deduction or a one-time gift to the fund of their choice. Employee giving is important because it not only benefits students but also shows potential donors such as corporations and foundations that LSC employees have faith in the institution. If an institutionís employees believe in its mission, so will others.

The Foundation offers several options where donors can give to their passion whether thatís a particular field of study or their local campus. Another popular giving option are the student and employee emergency support funds. If a student or employee faces a small emergency, such as minor car repair, the person can apply for assistance from their respective President or Vice Chancellor who oversees each collegeís fund.

To view photos from the 2019 campaign, check out our album on Facebook here.