Government Departments

Welcome to the Government departments of Lone Star College System! You can use your Government courses toward an Associate of Arts academic degree and workforce programs. Find out how!


Contacting the Government Department

  • The department director's office is your primary source for all program, course and transfer questions.
  • The department director approves all coursework exceptions and prior learning experiences for credit courses toward your degree or certificate.
  • CE-to-Credit linked courses can also be verified by contacting the department director or dean.

LSC-CyFair Contacts

LSC-CyFair Government Department

Name Phone Office
Robert A. Coyle
Department Chair
281.290.3567 CASA-220T
Kelly Gernhart
Instructional Dean
281.290.5215 TECH-123F

LSC-Kingwood Contacts

LSC-Kingwood Government Department

Name Phone Office
Dr. Thilo Schimmel
Department Chair
281.312.1406 CLA-200C
Dr. Marie Sesay
Dean of Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH)
281.312.1670 ADM-209D

LSC-Montgomery Contacts

LSC-Montgomery Government Department

Name Phone Office
Michael Hickey
Department Chair
Faculty Web Site
936.273.7290 A-220M
Kirk Bennett
936.273.7321 F-355

LSC-North Harris Contacts

LSC-North Harris Government Department

Name Phone Office
Jim Good
Department Chair
281.618.5573 ACAD-264F
Dr. Shahram Shafiee
Interim Dean of Instruction
Faculty Web Site
281.618.5450 ACAD-133B

LSC-Tomball Contacts

LSC-Tomball Government Department

Name Phone Office
Annie Benifield
Department Chair
281.357.3761 S-257D
Jill Riethmayer
281.351.3342 W-219C

LSC-University Park Contacts

Name Phone Office
Leslie LaPres
Department Chair
281.540.5835 13.807