While in high school, it may be helpful to request additional evaluation during your senior year, especially if you have a learning disability. When evaluation is updated during your senior year in high school, in most cases it will continue to provide appropriate documentation throughout your college experience. It is best for students to register with Disabiilty Services and arrange for accommodations well in advance of their classes. If the student is coming from high school, starting the process early often helps the student adjust successfully. Students should become familiar with the campus before classes begin and become aware of the support services available. Students should be aware that there are differences between the services provided in high school and college.


Some facts to be Aware of:

  • There are no special education classes at the college level. While students may receive various accommodations, students must attain college level competency in reading, writing, and math.
  • The accommodations must not alter the fundamental elements of a course or a program. All students must meet all course and program requirements.
  • The accommodations go into effect once the student submits the Accomodation Form to the instructor. The accommodations are not retroactive to any instruction or assignments prior to the instructor's receipt of the form.
  • Disability-related information is considered confidential information and is only released with written permission from the student.  The disability documentation is not part of a student's permanent college record.