Special Classes

Special Classes - Honors classes are limited to fifteen students and typically encourage greater student participation and discussion. Courses are not necessarily more difficult, but are designed to enrich the student’s academic experiences.

Talented Classmates

Talented Classmates - Students in the Honors Program share in the commitment to academic achievement. Those students who take part in Honors classes are some of the most academically talented students on campus.

Exceptional Faculty

Exceptional Faculty - Faculty who teach in the Honors program are expected to maintain the academic standards honors students expect. Honors students have the opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors Kingwood has to offer, including several PhDs and award-winning professors.


Scholarships - Honors students are eligible to apply for scholarships to cover costs of educational expenses associated with tuition, fees, and books.


Enrichment - Students accepted into the Honors Program enjoy privileges unavailable to other students on campus such as attending cultural activities and off campus retreats.


Recognition - Students who graduate from the Honors Program receive special recognition at graduation and on their diplomas.


Transferability - Students who complete the Honors Program are eligible to transfer automatically into the Honors Programs of numerous Texas colleges and universities.