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The biotechnology industry is one of discovery and change. It requires a trained workforce and in order to be competitive it needs to constantly upgrade the skills of its employees. A major goal of LSBI is to partner with local industries to identify and meet training needs. MCBI believes that partnerships are essential in order to develop effective educational offerings.


Partners often work with LSBI to provide internships for students which allows direct contact with individuals who will be working in the biotechnology field. Faculty internships offer an opportunity for companies to demonstrate exactly how they operate and what their needs are to individuals who will be training future employees. Becoming a partner is one of the best ways to ensure that there will be a steady supply of employees and that these employees will be well trained for their positions. Well-trained employees reduce the time, effort, and money that companies need to invest in new employees.

Locating Trained Workers

LSC-Montgomery offers one of the most productive degree programs for the biotechnology workforce in the state. Please feel free to contact us about biotechnician positions you need filled. We will contact graduates we feel will suit your requirements.