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Affordable Care Act Information (ACA)

    Active HCM and ELM Projects

    HR iStar Enhancement Project Phase 1A

    Purpose: Stage:
    The project consist of the following 3 components listed below.
    • TL Auto Enroll. The current process automatically enrolls an employee in time reporter data based on several job data elements. Due to several issues with access to timesheet after termination, the business has requested to review, update documentation, and modify, if necessary, the TL auto enroll process.
    • Job Data Integrity Edits. Analyze and implement page edits that force data integrity and limit the possibility of things such as incorrect pay, benefit offerings, etc.
    • TRS plan automation. Design, develop, and implement  a process to automatically change enrollment from Y90D to N90D.

    90% Complete

    Sept 2015 To Jan 2016

    Affordable Care Act, (ACA),  Implementation Project

    Purpose: Stage:
    • Implement PeopleSoft delivered ACA functionality in iStar.
    • ACA processing and reporting is a regulatory requirement with the objective of preparing and delivering forms 1094-C (Federal) and 1095-C (Employee).
    • This will be an annual/repeatable process and is somewhat analogous to the annual W-2 process.
    • Form 1095-C will be prepared for each employee and has a deadline of 2/1/2016.
    • Electronic delivery of Federal 1094-C has a deadline of 3/31/2016

    85% Complete

    Oct 2015 to June 2016

    Completed Projects Since September 2015

    Last Updated: February 2016 (Will be updated monthly)