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The HCM Bundle Maintenance Project was successful, and OTS is currently working with the HR / Payroll team to complete testing close out of and W-2 process for the 2014 Calendar year.

OTS has helped HR complete one of its two new initiatives for this new fiscal year, the Manger Dashboard.   The Manager Dashboard has been available to all active managers since Nov 17, 2014, this new tool has been well received to this point, and additional enhancements are currently under review to further improve the Manager Dashboard user experience.  

The other initiative OTS is working with HR to complete is the Total Compensation Statement, that item has required some additional refinement and employees can expect to hear more about this project in early 2015.

The HCM Road-Map Project is ongoing; OTS has a contract in place with the selected vendor, the vendor came on-site 12/01/2014 and work is under to determine project plan and resources for the various projects under the HCM Road-Map Project.  

As a reminder, this year will be the first year that Lone Star College will not mail W-2’s for active employees, after each employee completes the consent process under Self-Service, the Payroll department will make the W-2's available online and employees will be able to print them at their leisure.   If an employee does not consent, they will have to pick their W-2 up in person at the System Office during a designated period.


    HCM Projects

    HCM Bundles 15, 16, Global Payroll Bundles 14A, 14B, 14C, and Enterprise Component Bundle 11:



    • Support HCM with system patches and issue resolution in addition to new system features and enhancements.  Bundles also ensure that is we remain compliant with Oracle with our maintenance to streamline issue assistance.
    • Provide Access To New Functionality And Application Updates To Help LSCS Be Better Positioned To Meet Business Objectives


    100% Complete

    Sept 2014 To  Nov 16, 2014


    Manager Dashboard:



    • Provide managers a singular location in iStar to review and approve their direct reports information such as absence requests, training requests, and employee reported time. There will also be additional functionality provided as part of the new Manager Dash Board functionality.
    • Provide managers with an additional resource so they are informed about transactions that need their attention, such as time approval, absence requests etc…


    100% Complete

    Aug 2014 To  Nov 2014

    Total Compensation Statement:



    • The total compensation statement will be provided by HR that will show each employees a snapshot of their total compensation package as an employee as LSCS.  The statement will include some of the following information such employee base salary and health and retirement benefits paid from the previous fiscal year, in addition to the values of current leave balances.  There will be additional information included in the Total Compensation Statement, but this is just a sample of some of the data that will be included on the report


    65% Complete

    Aug 2014 To  Feb 2015

    HCM Insight Study Action Plan Project:



    • Prioritized implementation of HCM Insight Study findings and action items.  Example includes Total Compensation Statement, etc. 
    • All individual efforts for this project are tracked as independant projects as reflected in the work breakdown schedule.
    • This project is an overall review of the HCM IT systems and business processes.


    15% Complete

    Aug 2014 To  August 2015

    HR Payroll Close-Out W-2 Process:



    • Reconcile employee and employer tax contributions.
    • Make active employee's W-2's available online


    13.5% Complete

    Nov 2014 To  Feb 2015

    Last Updated: December 2014 (Will be updated monthly)

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