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A joint venture between OTS and HR called the HR iStar Enhancement Project is currently underway, and this project is expected to be ongoing until August 2015.  Additional information about the project will be distributed by the projects Steering  Committee as pertinent information is made available.  

Three additional projects are just beginning,  the HCM bundles, the ELM bundle and a PeopleTools 8.54 upgrade.  The ELM bundle is expected to be completed by late September, and the HCM and PeopleTools update will be complete by mid November.  The Fiscal Year-end closeout project is currently underway that involves work between HR, Payroll and the Finance Budget Office, this project is expected to be complete by mid to late September.    


    HCM Projects

    HCM iStar Enhancement Project:



    • Prioritized implementation of HCM Insight Study findings and action items.  Example includes Total Compensation Statement, etc. 
    • All individual efforts for this project are tracked as independent projects as reflected in the work breakdown schedule.
    • This project is an overall review of the HCM IT systems and business processes.


    65% Complete

    Dec 2014 To Sept 2015


    2015 Fiscal Year-End Close Out



    • Prepare the college for the completion of the 2014/15 budget process.
    • This is the time for new departments and positions to be approved and budgeted for at each campus
    • This is the time when old departments and positions become inactive. 


    45% Complete

    June 2015 To Sept 2015

    ELM Bundle Project



    • Apply ELM Bundle 21
    • Update the Enterprise Learning Module with the new updates and patches to remain complaint by Oracle Standards.


    40% Complete

    July 2015 To Sept 2015

    PeopleTools 8.54 Upgrade Project



    • Leverage PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools comprehensive 
    • development toolset that supports the development and run time of 
    • PeopleSoft applications.
    • Upgrading PeopleTools will introduce new functionality that can be leveraged by the  both the technical a functional users to improve performance, security and system compatibility. 


    5% Complete

    Jul 2015 to Nov 2015

    HCM and Global Payroll Bundles Project 



    • Apply HCM Bundle 17, 18 and 19 and Global Payroll Update 14D, 15A, 15B, 15C and Tax Update 15C & 15D.
    • Update the Human Capital Management System with the new updates and patches to remain complaint by Oracle Standards.


    20% Complete

    July 2015 To Nov 2015

    Last Updated: August 2015 (Will be updated monthly)