Academic Support Services

Online Tutoring

Online Advising

Student Success Course

LSC-Jakarta will offer formal student success courses, effective fall 2014.   These courses are designed to ease the transition into college-level courses.   Lecturers tutor students and provide face-to-face assistance at the point of need.  Students have access to open computer labs throughout the day.   Examples of other electronic services and resources designed to help students persist academically include Test preparation exercises; an array of other assistance is available to help students.

Library Services

The mission of the LSCS Libraries is to support a successful educational experience, nurture the intellectual and cultural life of the community, encourage critical thought, promote information literacy, and provide innovative and high-quality services and programs.

The Library is situated on the main entrance of USBI campus at building A, and offers a variety of services and facilities. The library houses more than 10,000 volumes and provides access to academic databases, e-books, e-journals, online case files, financial data from around the world, and more.

The Library has networked computers available for students to use, and bookable Group Study rooms where students can practice presentations or have meetings. There are also silent study areas for those students who prefer to study in a quiet area. The USBI campus is equipped with Wi-Fi access and iPads available for students to utilize in and around the Library.

The Library has a friendly team of professional librarians and support staff on hand to assistance students throughout the day. If you have any comments, suggestion and complaints on any aspects of our services, please do not hesitate to contact library staff or you can login to their library account and use various feedback methods available by clicking here.