LSC-Jakarta Transfer Pathways

Transfer Pathways

All USBI courses are designed to meet industry needs through the oversight of industry advisory boards. Curriculum focuses on experiential learning, with most degree programs requiring an internship. Additionally, all students are required to take courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.

Options available to students after completing the Lone Star College Associate Degree:

  • Students may choose to continue pursuing their Bachelor’s degree in Jakarta at USBI
  • Students may choose to continue their Bachelor’s degree at universities within the United States
    • Those who complete their bachelor’s degree in the US may also complete an USBI Capstone project upon return to Indonesia to also receive a USBI Bachelor’s degree. This project, called Return Pathway, includes internships and employment opportunities with USBI’s industry partners upon graduation.
  • Students may choose to transfer to another university in Indonesia to complete their Bachelor’s degree.
  • Students may transfer their associate degree credits to universities within Texas as the first two years of the Bachelor’s degree.
  • Students who maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) sufficient to qualify for an academic scholarship, and who transfer to one of the designated partner Texas universities, will be eligible to pay “in-state” tuition as long as the requisite GPA is maintained.

LSC-Jakarta students enrolled in the International Academic Pathway program are also co-enrolled in the Sampoerna School of Business and the Sampoerna School of Education.