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LSC-North Harris Student Poet Laureate

History Behind the LSC-North Harris Poet Laureate

The concept for the Poet Laureate is the brainchild of Adjunct Librarian, Jill Spriggs. She was reflecting on the National Poet Laureate who would capture the moment and feel of the nation for a specific time period. She thought it would be good to capture the feel of North Harris also.

The  program was discontinued in 2014. More information can be located in the LSC-North Harris Archives.

LSC-North Harris Poet Laureates

Imani "Clio" Lang - Poet Laureate 2013

Natalie Angel - Poet Laureate 2012

Chelsey Hayes - Poet Laureate 2011

Ross Rice - Poet Laureate 2010

Emma Zarate - Poet Laureate 2009

Matthew Kenyon - Poet Laureate 2008

David Bell - Poet Laureate 2007