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United States: Foreign Affairs

Country Information

Background Notes - information on over 200 countries.
Country Studies - information on over 100 countries. Site is housed at the Library of Congress
Portals to the World - find in-depth, authoritative links for country information selected by Library of Congress staff.
World Factbook - Updated every two weeks.
Federal Agencies

Department of State
Foreign Governments

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments - from the Central Intelligence Agency
International Organizations

International Governmental Organizations - links to selected international organizations from Northwestern University Library's Government Publications Department.
Topics of International Interest

Human Rights Watch World Report - 2005
PopNet - maintained by the Population Reference Bureau, PopNet presents information on population topics such as demographics, economics, education, environment, gender, policy and reproductive health. Resources include web sites produced by government and international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and universities.
NHC Library: United States: Terrorism - access links to federal agencies, federal reports, and other terrorism resources.

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