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Friends Scholarship Recipients

2013-2014: Chris Sandra Garza

2012-2013: Michele Pompa

Student Library Research Award

Thanks to the Friends of the Library for supporting this award and all the students and professors who submitted projects!

Recipients for 2013-2014

First Place

Ibrahim Iqbal
"The Sight We Lack"
Professor Rebekah Love  - ENGL 1302

Second Place

Nancy Amin
"Education as a Fundamental Human Right"
Professor Jamili Omar - ENGL 2333

Third Place

Judith Moore
"Death Penalty vs. Insanity Plea"
Professor Fay Lee - ENGL 1301


  • First Place: Jordan Davis - "Avarice: A Case Study on the Abomination of For-Profit Prisons"
    Professor: Heidi Jo Green
  • Second Place: Candelario Leal - "Genius, Madness and Shamanism and the Upper Paleolithic Revolution"
    Professor: Matt Backer
  • Third Place: Karla Segura - "Gloria Anzaldua and the Bi-cultural Feminist Americana"
    Professor: Michelle Brown


  • First Place: April Johnson - "A Classic in Modern Times"
    Professor: Matt Backer
  • Second Place: Christopher Whitfill - "The Democratic Spirit"
    Professor: Mark Thorsby
  • Third Place: Bethany Reese - "Sin Represas: Without Dams!"
    Professor: Sergio Sarmiento


  • First Place: Cody Beers, "Daddy Complex"
    Professor: Patricia Healy
  • Second Place: Scott Liebling - "The Societal Effects of the Decline of Organized Labor in the United States"
    Professor: Heidi Jo Green
  • Third Place: Misty Nikel - "Reform for U.S.-China Trade"
    Professor: Patricia Healy


  • First Place: Brandon de Hoyos: "A War of Words: How Civil War Correspondents Changed the News Industry"
    Professor: Esther Robinson
  • Second Place: Gorge Sanchez-Ruiz: "Why the Federal Reserve Must Cease"
    Professor: Margaret Mendonca
  • Third Place: Jim Brant McMahon: "Prisoners of Intangible Walls"
    Professor: Sonila Themeli


  • First Place: Amy Mitamura: "The History of Radiation Safety"
    Professor: Cynthia Robertson 
  • Second Place: Victoria Marie Bee: "Female Genital Mutilation"
    Professor: Michelle Brown
  • Third Place: Maria A. Partearroyo: "Universal Health Care, a Right to Pursue"
    Professor: Bindu Nayar

Reflections of Study Abroad Photography Contest Winners

Fall 2013

  • First place Elizabeth Villarreal - Tanzanian Best Soccer Player
  • Second place An Nguyen - Anchoring on Serenity
  • Third place Stephanie Hernandez - Maasai Young Lady

Fall 2012

  • First place Marilyn Ferguson - Ancient Walmart
  • Second place Alex Tompkins - The Rainforest
  • Third place Mamisi Gordon - Praying or Peddling

Fall 2011

  • First Place Michelle Martinez, Time Left Standing
  • Second Place Jassir Hernandez, Yellow Mountain
  • Third Place Martha Ocampo, Belly of Hongcun

Fall 2010

  • First Place Lindsay Green, Footprints on the Sands of Time
  • Second Place Kate Anderson, Vatican Museum Staircase
  • Third Place Meredith Thibodeaux, Stopped Motion

International Flavor of Houston Photography Contest - Spring 2010

  • First Place Abbas Batliwala, "All For a Cause"
  • Second Place Ashley Richardson, "At a Stand Still" 
  • Third Place Randy Olive, "Tu Bi Quan Am Dao Trang Temple"

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