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College Success and Study Skills


Selection of books in the LSC-Tomball library collection:

How to Become a Superstar Student (Great Courses DVD)

LB1607.5 .M34 1997

Your College Experience: strategies for success

LB2343.32 .Y68 2011

Community College Companion: everything you wanted to know about succeeding in a two-year school

LB2343.32 .R684

New Beginnings: A Reference Guide for Adult Learners

LB2343.32 .S576

College Success Simplified: managing stress, developing concentration, active listening and note-taking, reading textbooks, writing effectively…

LB2343.3 .L47 2008

Secrets of College Success

LB2343.32 .J35 2010

The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook

LB2395 .U48 2010

Study Skills: do I really need this stuff?

LB2395 .P59 2009

College Success Strategies

LB2395 .N545 2009

College Study Skills: Becoming a Strategic Learner

LB2395 .V36 2009

The Confident Student

LB2395 .K325 2011

101 Ways to Make Studying Easier and Faster for College Students

LB2395 .R76 2008

E-Learning Skills

LB1044.87 .C537

Anxious Test-Taker’s Guide to Cracking Any Test

LB3060.57 .A59 2009

College Reading and Study Skills

LB2395.3 .M386 2010

Winning at Math: your guide to learning mathematics through successful study skills

QA11 .N583 2008




Internet Resources:

Study Skills Self Help Information - Virginia Tech
Online study skills workshops in time management, test taking, textbook reading, and improving concentration and memory

Study Habits and Test Anxiety
Provides practical tips for a proper study environment and how to cope with negative influences.

Test Taking Strategies
Provides preparation tips before, during, and after the test to prevent the necessity for "cramming" the night before a test.


Personality Types


Selection of books in the LSC-Tomball library collection:

Personality Theories Workbook

BF698 .A746 2009

Gifts Differing: understanding personality type

BF698.3 .M94 1995

Type Talk, or, How to determine your personality type and change your life

BF698.3 .K76 1988



Internet Resources:


Keirsey Temperament Sorter II

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter by David Keirsey is a personality test which scores results according to the Meyers-Briggs system (the actual Meyers-Briggs test is a professional instrument and may only be administered by a licensed practitioner).


Personality Indicator

This is another personality test which scores results according to the Meyers-Briggs system (the actual Meyers-Briggs test is a professional instrument and may only be administered by a licensed practitioner).


Learning Styles


Selection of books in the LSC-Tomball library collection:

Keys to Effective Learning: Developing Powerful Habits of Mind

LB2395 .C27 2008

Learning Style Perspectives

LB1060 .S27 2006

Please Understand Me: character & temperament types

BF698 .K357 1984

Thinking Styles

BF311 .S6778 1997

Help Yourself: how to take advantage of your learning styles

370.152 SON


Internet Resources:


Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

A 44-item questionnaire that can be submitted and automatically scored on the Web.

Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligence

This site has been developed as an interactive community resource for youth and adults with learning disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Good links to pages about different learning styles.

Learning Style Survey for College
Provides a self-scoring test to determine your learning style

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Explains Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory and offers free tests to determine which style fits you.

A link on this page will also take you to an explanation of the Myers Briggs Personality Theory and mbti types indicator.



Career Interests


Selection of books in the LSC-Tomball library collection:

My High School, College and Post College Plans

LC1037.5 .M85 2011

You Majored in What?: mapping your path from chaos to career

HF5382.75 .U6 B755 2010

Best Career and Education Web Sites: a quick guide to online job search

HF5382.75 .U6 W65 2009

Career Directions: the path to your ideal career

HF5381 .Y46 2011

The Career Within You

155.26 WAG

The LSC-Tomball library collection has many books on careers in specific fields. Search for them in the Library Catalog (


Internet Resources:


America's Career Infonet

Highlights wages, employment trends, and national employer contacts

Career Center-Career Fields

Highlights many different fields of study and provides a one-stop shop for career information from various sources

O*NET™ OnLine

Provides job characteristics and skills for different professions

Monster College: Major-to-Career Converter
Select a college major to see careers associated with it. Also lets you search for jobs in particular categories and cities of the U.S.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
"The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations."

The Sloan Cornerstone Career Center
Explore over 185 degree fields and find out about education requirements, salaries, networking, precollege ideas, and career planning resources. Browse interviews with hundreds of professionals who offer candid insight into their own diverse careers.

College Majors & Career Information
Career options for many Rutgers University majors. Each profile summarizes the major and lists related occupations, typical employers, and examples of jobs obtained by recent and experienced Rutgers graduates.

Career Guide to Industries
Information on available careers by industry, including the nature of the industry, working conditions, employment, occupations in the industry, training and advancement, earnings and benefits, employment outlook, and lists of organizations that can provide additional information.

Career Overview
Informational overviews in a variety of career fields

College Grad Job Hunter
Assistance for the first time job seeker
Select a job category and zip code/metro area to find out what you’re worth. Other tabs include benefits, advice, and tests.




Job & Career Accelerator

Go to Click on the Databases tab and select Databases from the resulting drop-down menu. Click on Jobs & Careers. Then click on the Job & Career Accelerator button. You will need to “register” for a free account in order to use the database. In the right corner of the upper gray box, you will see “New User Registration”. Click on the button labeled register. Fill in the form to create a username and password, and use these to login the next time you use the Job & Career Accelerator so your choices, answers, lists, etc. will be saved.


Note:   When using Job & Career Accelerator from off-campus, you will have to sign in with your library barcode number (the 14 digit number found on the back of your library card).

Films On Demand videos for EDUC 1300


Below is a list of Films On Demand titles which could supplement EDUC 1300 lessons: This is a partial list of those videos most applicable to the EDUC 1300 curriculum. Search the Films On Demand database for more, including many videos on specific careers, which could be recommended for student viewing.

Career and Life Values (
The relationship between students’ values and daily choices is discussed in this video, which also connects values to career decisions. Students identify some of their key values and consider how personal background may have shaped them. (29 minutes)

Career Evaluation (
This program illustrates how to relate interests, skills, education, training, values, and lifestyle to specific occupations in the world of work. Based on the commonsense notion that you do best at what you really like to do, this video shows viewers how to find an occupation with job requirements that closely match their interests. Nothing predicts high workplace satisfaction like a close match between job duties and the employee-to-be! A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (10 minutes)

The Right Job for Your Personality (
This program shows viewers how to select a rewarding and satisfying career by engaging in a reflective self-assessment process—a process designed to help them gain insights into themselves by looking at different aspects of their lives including their interests, skills, education, training, values, and lifestyle. Shows how to identify and organize a variety of personal information into a form that’s optimal for making informed career decisions! A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (11 minutes)

In Search of a College Major and Career Direction (
Navigating the college major and career planning process is as confusing as it is exciting. This program guides students and parents through those stressful crossroads, helping young people identify options and personal preferences in order to maximize their potential, productivity, and self-fulfillment. Created by veteran career counselor and instructor Susan Posluszny, the video offers real-world case studies and targeted strategies for developing an educational and professional focus—using methods based on Posluszny’s twenty-plus years of counseling and interacting with both college and high school students. The result is a fun, field-tested tool that supports, challenges, and empowers users while helping to shape their lives and livelihoods. Viewable/printable instructional resources are available online. (52 minutes)

Career Pathways Planning (
Career planning is an essential part of life development—and it can take place at any stage in one’s professional life. Taking into account the constantly evolving job market and the continual changes occurring in higher education, this program helps viewers develop a career pathway plan that identifies three areas of interest and the ways each of them can be achieved, short-term and long-term. Job-seekers of any age will discover helpful methods for career pathway planning. The support which a professional career adviser can bring is discussed, along with the need to update and renew pathway plans at regular intervals. (25 minutes)

Self-Knowledge and Beliefs (
This video presents simple methods for expanding self-awareness, and explores links between beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Students practice identifying personal beliefs about success, and begin to develop their Personal Career Profile. (29 minutes)

Values and Goals (
What are values? What are goals? And how are they connected? These questions are easy to ask, but they’re not so simple to answer. This three-section program combines commentary from educators and students with in-class exercise segments to explore the meaning of values and goals and illustrate how they steer and shape a person’s life—in college and beyond. A Cambridge Educational Production. A part of the series Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students. (10 minutes)

Active Listening and Note-Taking (
Lectures and labs are the heart of the college academic experience, and for students eager to make the most of them, active listening and note-taking are powerful learning tools. This two-section program explains how to create a bulletproof listening/note-taking loop that ensures deeper understanding and better recall. Pre-class reading, in-class participation, and post-class review are stressed. A Cambridge Educational Production. A part of the series Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students. (10 minutes)

Time Management (
Compared to high school, where the day is structured down to the minute, college is a blank do-it-yourself calendar. Classes, clubs, sports, part-time jobs…assignments, projects, exams…even time to hang out: all must be penciled in! Over the course of this three-section program, viewers will learn to side-step common time-management errors and plan out their semesters so they can take control of their time and enjoy a healthy work/life balance. A Cambridge Educational Production. A part of the series Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students. (11 minutes)

Studying and Test-Taking (
Studying is a process, not a last-minute event. It takes strategy to consistently make the grade—both before a test and during. This two-section program brings together educators and students to discuss things that viewers can do to increase their understanding of course material, enhance their ability to memorize, and improve their performance during exams. A Cambridge Educational Production. A part of the series Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students. (10 minutes)

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving (
By defining critical thinking and examining how it’s applied to the process of problem-solving, this two-section program will show viewers how to handle whatever challenges come their way. An in-class discussion segment on critical thinking explains how to rationally assess a statement and express disagreement, while a similar segment on problem-solving considers what to do when preparing for what appears to be an overwhelmingly tough exam. A Cambridge Educational Production. A part of the series Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students. (10 minutes)


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