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Dracula, 1st edition, 1897


Bram Stoker's Dracula

First published in 1897

Dracula is a gothic novel set in late nineteenth century Transylvania and England.  The novel begins with the diaries of Jonathan Harker, an English lawyer, who visits Count Dracula’s castle to explain some of his London real estate dealings.  Harker gradually comes to realize that he is a prisoner in the castle, where the only entrance is locked during the day and wolves range outside at night.  When Harker sees Dracula and his entourage leave, he escapes by climbing down the castle walls.

Meanwhile, Harker’s fiancé, Mina, visits her friend, Lucy, in the English seacoast town of Whitby.  There, a ship runs aground and aboard there are only a  dead man tied to the wheel with a crucifix and a grey wolf, that jumps off the ship and disappears.  Soon afterward, Lucy starts sleepwalking.  Dr. Seward, examining her, finds two tiny throat wounds. 

Dr. Seward wrote for his old professor, Dr. Van Helsing, a specialist from Amsterdam.  As the story develops, Lucy turns into a vampire and Count Dracula turns his attention to Mina.  The men, Dr. John Seward, Jonathan Harker, Lucy’s fiancé Arthur Morris, and Dr. Van Helsing, put all their efforts into finding and destroying Dracula with the guidance of Mina, who has formed a supernatural bond with the vampire.


Bram StokerAbraham (Bram) Stoker was born in Dublin in 1847, the third of seven children.  As a child he was sickly and bedridden.  To entertain him, his mother would tell him horror stories.  He overcame his illness and, by the time he entered Trinity College, he was tall, powerful and excelled at athletics.  He earned a degree in mathematics and worked as a civil servant by day, attending the theatre and writing reviews for the Dublin newspaper, the Mail, by night.  Through his reviews, he became a friend of actor Henry Irving.  When Irving took over the Lyceum Theatre in London, he asked Stoker to become the manager.  During this period, Stoker did most of his writing. His first fiction book, Under the Sunset, was a macabre collection of children’s short stories.  Dracula is his one book that is still widely read today.


Role of women; sexuality; romance vs. seduction, science and technology; Vlad the Impaler; vampirism and the Dracula legend; vampires and Victorians; destroying Dracula, good and evil; reason and madness; compare Dracula to Frankenstein: parallels between Stoker's life and the victims' lives; suspense, mystery, quest


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The Essential Dracula: Historical & Cultural Context of the novel [PR6037 .T617 D7]

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Selected Reference Books
British Writers [REFPR85.B688]. 
See 'Supplement III' for a critical essay about Stoker's life and literary career.
Dictionary of Literary Biography [REF PN41. D5] 
Volumes 36, 70 and 178 contain essays about Stoker and Dracula.
Twentieth Century Literary Criticism [REF PN771. G27 vol. 8]and World Literature Criticism [REF PN523. W67 vol. 6] 
Excerpts from numerous critical essays about Dracula.
Novels for Students [REF PN3385 .N68 vol. 18] 
Novel summary, characters, and literary criticism.
Becham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults [REF PN1009 .A1 B43, vol. 5]
Critiques the story and offers suggestions for essay topics.

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Bela Lugosi as Dracula - stamp
Dracula's Home Page | | Elizabeth Miller is an English professor (and author) at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Check this site for information about Dracula.

The Literary Gothic | | Links to information about the author and novel from Literary Gothic.

Dracula by Bram Stoker | This is one of several public domain sites which make the entire text of the novel available online. Searchable.




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