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Maps in Library Databases  Physical  Map of the World, June 2009 - United States. Central Intelligence Agency.

*These sources require the barcode number from your Lone Star College ID or library card to login from off-campus.

Countrywatch - choose "Countrywatch Maps" to explore physical, political and thematic maps, many created with data from the Countrywatch database.

e-Library (Curriculum edition) - Check the "maps" box (you may need to de-select the other types of resources) and enter a keyword to search or browse maps available from this collection. Include maps from

Detail from Novi Belgii Novæque Angliæ : nec non partis Virginiæ tabula multis in locis emendata / per Nicolaum Visscher nunc apud Petr. Schenk Iun [New Amsterdam]. Library of Congress,  American Memory Project, Discovery and Exploration, Digital ID: g3715 ct000001 Collections on the Internet

American Memory - Maps from the Library of Congress map collection. Includes military campaigns, maps recording the discovery and exploration of the United States and more. Most maps allow you to zoom in for more detail and many can be downloaded.

Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library (University of Georgia) - Images are selected from a collection of over 800 maps provide a unique look at over 500 years of American history, with an emphasis on the state of Georgia. To browse,select the time period from the left menu. From the next screen, select a map title. Clicking on the map will enlarge the detail.

Historical Maps of the United States - From the Perry Castenada Library Map Collection, University of Texas-Austin, maps illustrating the early history of the United States, depicting its exploration, expansion and growth. Military campaign maps from the American Revolution through the Vietnam War.

Map History / History of Cartography - Part of the WWW-Virtual Library, this sites provides links to and tips for locating maps and information about mapping history.

Oddens' Bookmarks - Search over 20,000 links to online map collections, map vendors, gazetteers and other mapping resources. International in scope, this a good place to search for specific maps on any topic.

Bird's Eye View of the City of Houston, Texas, by Augustus Koch, 1873. Hand-colored lithograph. 24 3/4" x 32". Oversize Pictures file, The Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin; CN 08701. Other Maps Resources on the Internet

Google Earth - Download this free application that allows you to view satellite imagery available for locations worldwide. Link to tutorials and sample instructional uses at Google Earth Lessons; Google Earth also has its own Education interest group.

National Map (US Geologic Service) - an interactive map viewer for digital mapping data. Select "Go To Viewer" or "Viewer Help" from this main page. This is a good introduction to working with layers, which include transportation, geology, hydrology and many others.

CIA World Factbook - authoritative reference for information on countries, including maps for each country, as well as regional maps. Select PDF or JPG version for printing. Maps are also available for purchase. Updated every two weeks.

Handbook of Texas - geographical and historical information from the Texas State Historical Association, with some maps.

Examples of Maps for American History

Search in or other search engines using specific keywords or dates to find exactly what you need. Here are examples of the treasures scattered through the Internet:

Ancient America, to 1492

Discovery & Exploration, 1492 - 1600

The Colonies, 1601 - 1770

  • This map shows the locations of major landmarks, farms, land grants, physical features, and the dwellings of prominent and important residents in Salem during 1692.
  • Animation of a map from the The GIS of "Salem Village in 1692" project is part of an electronic Research Archive of primary source materials related to the Salem witch trials of 1692.

The Colonial Crisis & the War for America , 1754 - 1783

The Republic , 1775 - 1861

War & Reconstruction, 1861 - 1877

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