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Research and College Success Apps & Tools - LSC-North Harris

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Brainstorm and Take Notes button

Brainstorming/Mind Maps

  • Mindomo (Web | App Store | Google Play) Free basic web account allows 3 maps, and limited exporting formats.
  • SimpleMind (App Store | Google Play)
  • Mindmeister (Web | App Store | Google Play) Free basic web account allows 3 maps, and various exporting formats.


To-do Lists

  • Trello (Web | App Store | Google Play)
  • Todoist (Web | App Store | Google Play)
  • 2Do (App Store | Google Play)
Organize Your Research button

Collect, organize, highlight, annotate, share, and more

Productivity Tools and Student Success button
  • Office in Education / Office 365 (LSCS students can install Office up to 5 computers, and on mobile devices.  Use your myLoneStar e-mail address to activate.)


Cloud Storage

Image Editors

Managing Stress

Personal Finances

  • Mint set up a budget and track spending (App Store | Google Play | Amazon | Windows Store)




Stay Current with News on Various Subjects

  • Feedly (Web | App Store | Google Play)
  • Flipboard (App Store | Google Play | Windows Store | Blackberry World)


  • EveryCircuit (App Store | Google Play)
    Build and simulate circuits.

Study Aids

  • Quizlet flashcards (Web | App Store | Google Play)
  • Duolingo teach yourself another language (Web | App Store | Google Play)
Time Management


Audience and Student Engagement button

Presentation, Collaboration, Assessment


Visual Presentations/PPT Alternatives



Augmented Reality

QR Codes

Video Production


Video Conferencing/Online Office Hours

Find Other Tools

Game Design/Programming

Make LSC part of your story.