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Medical Assisting Research Guide - LSC-North Harris

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Sites for Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants: Guide to medical assistant careers, schools, & training  

American Association of Medical Assistants  a membership organization that promotes the identity and stature of the medical assisting professional. The AAMA offers qualifying medical assistants the CMA credential.

American Registry of Medical Assistants National Registry for Qualified Medical Assistants serving all 50 states. ARMA offers qualifying medical assistants the RMA credential, an alternative to the CMA.


Administrative Procedures Course Assignment

Find an article about medical management/administration in any health care periodical, read it, and write an abstract of it. The HPB Library has 3 such printed periodicals in the journals nook:

  • CMA Today
  • The Doctor's Office
  • Medical Manager

In addition to these print periodicals, the library has periodicals databases that can be searched for appropriate articles. The recommended databases for this assignment are

They can be searched separately or all together. Remember to limit your results to full-text and to the required date range (e.g., 2006-2012). 

"medical assistants" and (administration or management)   is a search statement you can use to begin your research.


Diseases and Disorders
  • The LSC-NH Library research guide for Diseases, Disorders, Conditions & Syndromes provides a complete guideline to scholarly resources
  • MedlinePlus - a database maintained by the NIH's National Library of Medicine, it offers much of its content in other languages as well as in English
  • NIH (National Institutes of Health - Connect here to get to the many institutes (e.g., NCI, NIMH, NIDDK) that fall under the jurisdiction of the NIH. Specialty sites for various diseases and disorders offer a rich repository of information. Use the NIH search engine to find specific information.
  • NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) - contains hard-to-find information about diseases that afflict relatively small numbers of people.

Patient Education Resources (Clinical Procedures Course Assignment)

  • MedlinePlus - a database maintained by the NIH's National Library of Medicine, offers much of its content in Spanish and a dozen other languages as well as English. Do a search for what you seek, e.g., heart disease French. The Directories (bottom center on main page) provide a means of finding specialists and services, including medical libraries, across the USA.  
  • CareNotes from the Micromedex database provides patient infomation about drugs in 15 different languages. When you reach the front page of Micromedex, click on CareNotes System.
  • Films on Demand provides some patient education videos; be careful to choose the ones meant for consumers (e.g., "Chronic Kidney Disease: Are You at Risk?") and not the ones meant for professionals (e.g., "Caring for People with Renal Impairment").
  • MayoClinic.com, updated daily and sponsored by the noted Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, provides health updates and preventative care information.
  • National Council against Health Fraud, a non-profit health agency that locates fraud, misinformation and quackery as public health problems, features position papers and links to information on erroneous and misleading health claims.
  •  National Health Information Center - part of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; provides toll-free phone numbers for health information, patient support groups, and links to related websites.  
APA Style

Video Introduction to APA (7 min)



Formatting a Research Paper in Microsoft Word

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