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Public Speaking Research Guide - LSC-North Harris

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Starting Point

1. Think about your topic and what are you trying to answer.

  • Current Issues: Think of topics that will interest you and your audience. In your research, gather the facts about your topic (who, what, when, where, how).  

  • Informative Speech: Research one of the most Beautiful Places in the World.  In your research, gather the facts about your topic (where it is located, how it became recognized, when, why it is described as most). 

  • Persuasive Speech:  Select a topic that is important to you.  Be sure that you hold a position regarding the topic.  In your research, gather the facts about your topic (who, what, when, where, how).

2. Identify the keywords that best represent your idea, think of 

 Topic  Synonyms/Related Terms  Narrow Terms 
 plastic surgery  cosmetic surgery  laser eye surgery, Lasik
 censorship  first amendment   music lyrics, video games, Internet 

Research Databases

Use your 14-digit library barcode number for off-campus access (the number is on the back of your student ID).  Don't have an ID? Get one from the library. Distance students can fill out the online request form.

General Academic Resources

Current Events Speech

     Health or Medical Topics

Informative Speech (Festivals, Beautiful Castles, Inventions, Engineering Achievements)

  • Credo Reference

  • Academic Video Online

  • Access Science

  • Gale Science in Context

  • History Study Center

  • Find books, e-books, DVDs, and more. Look for travel or tour information for the country where the locality is located.

    Use the Library Catalog

    • Enter search terms.
    • Browse search results and click on the title to view the detailed item record.
    • Scroll to the bottom for availability, collection, location, and call number.
    • To find the book on the shelf you will need the complete call number.
    • To request a book from another location, click "request first available copy" then type in your library barcode number and your PIN.
Library Catalog Video Tutorials

Check Travel or Country Tourism Web Sites.

Persuasion Speech on Social or Political Topics
  • Issues & Controversies – Overviews and background information on current issues.Play Button IconVideo Tutorial
  • Use the keywords from your assigned topic to locate material.

    APA Citation Guides

    1. Keep track of all of the information and sources you used during your research.
    2. APA Citation Style is required.
    3. Each Citation should answer the questions:
    • Who wrote the material you are using?
    • What did the author(s) entitle the piece he/she/they wrote?
    • Where and when was it published (for a book, what city; for an article, which periodical)?
    • If it's an article or a chapter, what pages is your source on?


    Video Introduction to APA (7 min)



    Formatting a Research Paper in Microsoft Word






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