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  • FA©E -- Friends of Active Copyright Education -- an initiative of the Copyright Society of the USA designed to provide a broad range of resources to foster and support copyright awareness. Myths and links are available in specialized areas of Moving & Still Images, Music, Words, Internet and International to educate creators and users of intellectual property about their rights and obligations under copyright law.
  • Trademarks & Copyrights - from Nolo Press, in addition to general information and forms, site includes special topics such as copyrights on software, copyrights and cyberspace, and fair use.


http://ep.espacenet.com/- Home page - search over 30 million worldwide patent documents. esp@cenet is a free Internet service provided by the European Patent Organisation and the national offices of its members states.


Other Intellectual Property Sites

Music in the Public Domain - site includes explanation of the concept of "public domain" and a list of more than 3000 songs that are currently in the public domain.
  • Music United - lists the cons of downloading illegal music from the internet. Contains links to copyright questions as well as faqs and a parents page. It also includes sites where music can be legally downloaded.

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