Live Entertainment Technology Level II: General Live Entertainment Track



Do you want to work on live production events such as rock shows or Broadway musicals? How about touring with the band or working as the lead audio technician on a cruise ship? Live entertainment technicians enhance live performances by affecting the audience’s sensesusing audio, video and lighting technologies appropriate to the production and its environment. LSC-Montgomery is one of an elite group of schools in the nation to offer associate degrees in live entertainment technology.

Learn the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to design, maintain, and operate technology systems in entertainment and sporting venues, churches, auditoriums, theatres, convention hotels, and trade shows. The level one certificate, level two certificate, and associate of applied science degrees are designed to push the doors wide open for the exciting and endless career opportunities.

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First Year

First Semester Courses 12 Credits
AVTS 1371 Introduction to Live Entertainment Technology 3
AVTS 2375 Lighting for Live Entertainment Technology 3
DRAM 1330 Stagecraft I 3
IMED 1301 Introduction to Digital Media 3
Second Semester Courses 11 Credits
AVTS 1270 Fundamentals of Design for Entertainment Technology 3
AVTS 2374 Audio for Live Entertainment Technology 3
DRAM 2331 Stagecraft II 3
AVTS 1375 Rigging and Electricity for Live Entertainment Technology 3
Third Semester Courses 6 Credits
AVTS 1373 Video for Live Entertainment Technology 3
AVTS 1374 Drafting for Live Entertainment Technology 3

Second Year

First Semester Courses 12 Credits
FLMC 1300 Production Management 3
AVTS 2371 Live Entertainment Technology Troubleshooting 3
AVTS 1372 Live Entertainment Technology Cooperative Education 3
AVTS 2372 Live Entertainment Technology Lighting & Sound Project1 3
Live Entertainment Technology Certificate II - General Live Entertainment Track Program Total 41 Credits


  1. Capstone course

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Career Options

Median wage: $36,1551

Representative career titles and job positions for this program plan include:

  • Audio Visual Technician2
  • Audio/Visual Manager2
  • Production Assistant2

Gainful Employment

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation."


  1. Wage data is based on annual salaries from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, 2013
  2. Position titles vary by employer and location.


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