LSC-Online Team

The LSC-Online Team is composed of three units that interact collaboratively and cooperatively to support faculty and students in online teaching and learning at the Lone Star College System.


Christina Cross, MBA
Director, Online Technologies

Denise DeGennaro, MA, MEd
Instructional Liaison

 Eric J. Nathan, EdD
Director, Online Faculty and Student Support Services

Instructional Design

LSC-Online Instructional Designers assist faculty in the process of improving online instruction through the analysis of learning needs, systematic development of content, and application of effective course design practices. Additionally, LSC-Online Instructional Designers are charged with training on the overall Learning Management System from which all online courses are delivered. Each campus has a resident Instructional Designer available during the week for support, training and consultation.

Mary Elizabeth Andres, MEd
Instructional Designer (LSC-Cy Fair)

Tracy Bear
Instructional Designer (LSC-Tomball)

Kathryn Bernhardt, MA
Instructional Designer (LSC-University Park)

O'Brien Hughes, MBA
Instructional Designer (LSC-Montgomery)

Cynthia Shade
Instructional Designer (LSC-North Harris)

Harlan Williams, MA, MBA
Instructional Designer (LSC-Kingwood)


Online Technologies

LSC-Online Technologists are centrally located but work closely with Instructional Designers and Office of Technology Services on the campuses to offer engaging and pedagogically relevant technologies in support of student learning and the instructional goals of the faculty.

George Ashmore
Senior Online Technologist

Chris Duffy
Online Technologist

Michael Fine
Online Technologist

Tasha Hussey, MS
Online Technologist

Adam Smith
Online Technologist

Jonathan Duffy
Part-Time Specialist V

Jason Miller
Part-Time Specialist V

Alan Stultz
Part-Time Specialist V

Online Student Support Services

The LSC-Online Student Support Services unit provides online advising, early intervention, and case management to the fully online student population.

Leslie Magee
Online Advisor
Haley Way, MA
Online Advisor

Karen Anthony
Part-Time Online Advisor

Theresa Castillo
Part-Time Online Advisor

Genesis Garza
Part-Time Online Advisor

Amy Griffin, MEd
Part-Time Online Advisor

Grant Jefferson
Part-Time Online Advisor

Lakshmi Nair, MS
Part-Time Online Advisor

Casey Timme
Part-Time Online Advisor

Open Positions
Program Manager, Online Student Support Services
Part-Time Advisor, Online Student Support Services


Gina R. Coleman
Department Assistant

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