What's New in D2L 10.3 Quick Tip Handout - DROPBOX

<empty>The Dropbox tool enables submission of assignments in the Learning Environment. Students simply upload to the appropriate dropbox folder and submit.

Icon Legend

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Dropbox Setup

Creating various assessment items   Icon for PDF
Dropbox introduction   icon for HTML page   Video icon
Creating Dropbox Folders & Categories icon for HTML page   Icon for PDF   Video icon
Attaching a File to a Dropbox   Icon for PDF
Special Access  icon for HTML page  Video icon

Using Turnitin icon for HTML page

Grading Dropbox Submissions

Evaluating dropbox folder submissions   icon for HTML page  Icon for PDF  Video icon
Generate originality reports for student submissions   Icon for PDF
Leaving feedback and grading dropbox submissions   icon for HTML page  Video icon
Manage dropbox submissions  Video icon

Advanced Options

Associating dropbox folders with learning objectives   Icon for PDF