<empty>Create grade items for every gradable item in your class. The Grades tool allows you to organize your gradebook to best reflect your approach to evaluation, including the grading system and grade scheme that is most appropriate for your course. You can select how grades display to students, how they update in the grade book, and how you want to deal with ungraded items.

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Grades Setup

Grades Setup Wizard  Icon for HTML page   Icon for PDF
Create grade schemes    Icon for HTML page  
Create a numeric grade item   Icon for PDF  
Create a selectbox grade item    Icon for PDF  
Associate grade items with course objects    Icon for HTML page 
Setup a formula grade system   icon for PDF 
Select a grading system for your grade booking   icon for PDF

Manage Grades

Edit grade items or categories   Icon for HTML page 
Edit grade schemes   Icon for HTML page
Enter grades   Icon for HTML page  icon for PDF
Export grades   icon for HTML    icon for PDF
Export grades to Excel for printing   icon for PDF
Drop grade items from a category in your grade book   icon for PDF
Manage what students see in the Grades   Icon for PDF  
Publish quiz grades   Icon for PDF 
Release final grades   Icon for PDF    Icon for HTML page



Enter Final Grades into iStar   icon for PDF  [Requires MyLoneStar login]
View and Print Class Roster in Faculty Center in iStar   icon for PDF  [Requires MyLoneStar login]

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